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heart emot5 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR HUBBY HAPPY  heart emoticon

1. Say "yes" to sex much more than you say "no." 
2. Never expect him to be able to read your mind. 

3. Heap on the praise both publicly and privately. 
4. Flirt with him. 
5. Take an interest in things he likes to do.


  1. I always live by never expecting anyone to be able to read my mind--be honest when it's important for other people to know!

  2. Yes! Never expect him to read your mind, so true. And the praise thing is super important. Good tips.

  3. five rules to remember if i ever get married

  4. I love all of these, but especially #5. After 20+ years of married life, I feel like this is one of the areas that help him see I am still invested in him.

  5. Yes--I can't read minds. I don't know why I expect other people to. Great advice!


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