10 Reasons to Get a Dog

If you’ve always had dogs, or grew up around them, getting another might be a given. Those of us that have spent time around dogs are often keen to keep them in our lives. Many families couldn’t imagine life without their four-legged friends and see them as a crucial part of the family. For these people, the advantages of owning a dog are clear. 

But, if you’ve never had a dog, or don’t particularly see yourself as an animal person, you may not quite understand the appeal. You might see a dog as another responsibility, worry that they would tie you down, or about the far less glamorous elements of becoming a pet owner. 

In truth, though, for most people, the benefits by far out way any responsibilities or unpleasantnesses. Here’s a look at 10 of the reasons to get a dog. 

You’ll Get More Exercise

It’s so hard to fit exercise into a busy life. We all know that we should do it, we also know that actually, we could just walk to work. But, who has the time? Or, who wants to make time? With gyms closed, it’s become even harder. 

When you have a dog, especially an energetic one, you don’t have any choice. They need exercise, and you have to walk them. Soon, these daily walks will become a welcome part of your routine. You’ll look forward to them, you’ll happily make time for them, and they’ll boost your mental health as well as your fitness levels. 

You’ll Always Have a Friend

Making friends as an adult is tough. We often grow apart from friends we had when we were younger as our lives change, and we find our own place in the world. But, outside of work, it’s hard to meet new people. Adult life actually can be incredibly lonely. Even more so as we get older, our children leave home, or we start to think about retirement. 

When you have a dog, you always have a friend. There’s always someone at home to comfort you after a hard day, and always someone who is keen to spend time with you over anyone else. 

Your Kids Will Have a Friend

Most children find it easier to make friends. They mix well with other children at school. But, they don’t all form close bonds, and often, children struggle to confide in people and suffer from anxiety around new situations. 

A dog can give them a welcome outlet, especially as they move into adolescence and start to worry more about what other people think of them. A dog offers an ear and a comforting presence. 

You’ll Make New Friends

Your dog won’t just become your friend; they’ll also help you to make new human friends and improve your social life. 

You’ll say hi to people when you walk familiar routes. You may become friendly with other local dog owners, and even if these relationships never progress to more than polite niceties, any human contact is important. 

A Dog is a Fun Way to Teach Responsibility

Dogs, such as Lucky Labs, can be a great way to teach your children (or even partner) some responsibility. They’ll help to care for their new pet, and perhaps even have specific responsibilities. They’ll learn that if you love and care for something, you get a lot back and that our most rewarding relationships are the ones that we put the most effort and affection into. 

Young children could help with walking, grooming and feeding, and as your family dog ages with your children, they’ll become closer, and their responsibilities will grow. As well as teaching responsibility, they’ll grow in confidence and independence while becoming a more empathetic person. All desirable traits to take with them into adulthood. 

You’ll Be Protected

Dogs, even the typically friendly or docile ones, will offer you, your family and your home protection. They hear things that we don’t, they’ll alert you to dangers or intruders, and they may even be able to spot the warning signs of some illnesses. 

Some dogs are better at this than others, so if security is something that you are concerned about, make sure you get the right breed. 

Dogs are Boundlessly Loyal

Dogs, more than any other pets are loyal. They’ll come to you, they will be reluctant to leave you, and they will remember you. Your dog will be happy when you get in from work, and there’s something very comforting about knowing that you are another being's favorite person in the world. 

A Dog Will Love You

All pets are great, but few will love you as a dog will, and even fewer will show it. Whatever else is going on in your life, whoever might come and go, your dog will still love you. 

You’ll Never Be Lonely

Even when we have friends and family, sometimes even when we work around plenty of other people and live in a full household, we can feel lonely. Often our loneliness isn’t about who we are with, but instead the connections that we’ve formed, or the things that might be going on in our lives that we don’t want to share. A dog can help with these feelings of loneliness, and they’ll never judge you, whatever you may share with them. 

Dogs Can Help With Behavioral Issues

Many children and young people, as well as some adults struggle with behavioral issues. They might get angry or frustrated and have nowhere to channel it. They might struggle to control their emotions or have a hard time processing negative feelings. It’s totally normal, but often hard to deal with. Having a dog can help. Your family dog gives them purpose and responsibility as well as an outlet. 

Despite all of these benefits, it is important to remember that we aren’t all dog people. Your lifestyle may not suit an animal, and you should ask yourself if you can afford to commit the time or money to give a pet the care that it deserves. You may be tempted after reading these benefits, but don’t rush into getting any animal without giving it careful consideration and being honest with yourself. 

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