The Braless Revolution: Over 1/3 of Women Are Ditching Bras As They Work From Home

In a time when there isn’t much that we can control, the freedom to ditch your bra is one simple joy women can hold onto. The ability to work from home braless in pajamas or loungewear is a perk that helps offset WFH inconveniences. Maybe you miss your coworkers, but at least you can skip your commute and work braless and even commando every day. At this point, many of us might have forgotten what wearing bras or jeans even feels like. 

Ladies have been sounding off on social media since March about their newfound happiness about abandoning their bras. They don’t miss underwire bras or restricting work attire one bit. Some women have even comically wondered aloud if they’ll ever decide to wear a real bra again after this quarantine. 

Unsurprisingly, the New York Post reported wireless bra sales increased by 40% due to the quarantine. Styles that prioritize comfort are booming. After all, being freed from the constraints of the traditional underwire bra is undeniably liberating. However, it’s key to note that any cheap, ill-fitting bra is sure to make you hate wearing it... not all bras are created equal.

It’s been months since the lockdown began, and it seems comfort is still king in the age of isolation. Are bras really out of the question? Where do you stand when it comes to your wardrobe while working from home during quarantine? Maybe you’re one of those put-together gals proclaiming the benefits of changing into “real clothes” every morning to psych yourself up for a hard day of work. 

Well, a recent survey of over 1,000 American women to see how they feel about working from home braless revealed the latest thoughts on this topic. With over one third of women admitting to their WFH bralessness, it looks like there are plenty of folks who are still making the most of their bra-optional at-home work situation. If you’re like 35% of the women surveyed, you’ll agree that bras are pretty pointless nowadays. 

At the end of the day, are bras really to blame? Whether we like to admit it or not, our uncomfortable bras are usually our own fault. We probably haven’t been fitted properly in years (or ever.) It’s almost always the style, material, quality, or fit that’s the problem. You’ll never hear a woman complain about wearing a comfy wireless bra designed for lounging around. In fact, some bustier ladies always opt for at least some light support over being totally braless. 

No one cares what you’re wearing these days, so go ahead and soak in the joy of a braless life. In uncertain and scary times, it’s important to take a step back and appreciate simple things that bring humor or happiness into our lives. It’s nice to take a break and focus on life’s little pleasures, like the liberating feeling of bralessness. 

Who knows, maybe you’ll be forever changed by the experience of ditching your bra indefinitely. Maybe you’ll quickly revert to old habits once you’re attending events and running around in public again. Either way, relish in the temporary freedom while you can.

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