How to Turn your wife on

If you are a man, this post is for you, if you are a woman leave a comment with what turns you on if I do not have it listed here. 
 It's the "little things" a husband does through out the day that get them "in the mood." For example to turn on a woman do things like ... 

* Give a back rub … no strings attached. 
* Cook supper and clean up.
* Give a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure
* Help pick up the house.
* Do a chore she doesn’t like to do.
* Surprise her with her favorite candy.
* Call/Text her just to say hello.
* Find the babysitter and take your wife on a date.
* Compliment your spouse daily.
* Hold hands.
* Etc
And wives, we always throw this in just incase you forgot ... 
How do you turn on your man ... 

* Show up naked. (smile)

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