How to be a Great Babysitter

As a teenager I babysat for a lot of people- I truly enjoyed it. When someone hires you to babysit they are paying you to be them while they are out of the house. 

Here are some tips to become a great babysitter

1) Clean the dishes- wash those dishes, dry those dishes, load the dishwasher. Do not leave those dishes and left overs sitting there 

2) Fold the laundry- that momma needs to come home and have this done for her 

3) Pray with those kids- say their prayers before bed

4) Talk to those kids- ask them if they have any concerns that you can help them talk thru- this is not to take the place of the parent but just to let them know they have a friend in you 

5) Keep the household rules in place- don't let the kids change everything because the parents are not home. 

It is a great job, one that you will always remember and so will the kids- The first kids I ever babysit are all married now but when I go home, I visit them, I still get hugs and we reminisce about the fun we had. 

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