My favourite things about Covid-19

Now that the world seems to be opening up a little at a time,  restaurants are back to open,  malls are slowly opening, more gatherings, we can go to church.  The last 12 weeks have not been easy on anyone but I wanted to share some things that were not to bad.

1) My husband being home 24/7, i loved that his office is in our house and he can just work from there and I can sneak in for hugs and kisses thru out the day, or we can have lunch together.

2) My baby girl is home all the time with me, as a mom we wonder when they leave what they are doing or where they are, right now she is safely at home and for that I am thankful.

3) We have complete a lot of outside projects... all of our mulching of the flower beds are done, they turned out beautiful, the patio furniture is out, ( in fact I am working from there now).

4) All the family time.  We have gone for walks, played lots of games, went for drives, ate way to much junk food.

5) This is totally selfish but all the extra sleep time I am getting- the last few months before this started I was incredibly stressed and never slept much at all so now I feel rested, Im not stressed even though I am unemployed.

6) My husband has been able to build his business thru a pandemic- I mean that is the best news right there.  He is still programming but now he is a contractor and doing so well. I am so proud of him.

7) Spiritually I feel more connected to God because I have more time to pray, read my bible.  I have been sharing a devotion a day with our ladies group and it has been a blessing to me and to them.

8) Snail mail letters.  I have sent some encouragement to some friends who I knew were going thru a rough time, I want them to know they are loved and cared for thru this pandemic.

9) The silence that you hear- WE have all heard the saying "Be Still" when you walk outside now, everything is just still, we live on a pretty quiet street and we don't hear much going on but we are also not far from the military base so we do hear that from time to time but it has been so quiet, you step outside and you can hear the birds saying hello, you can hear the frogs in the evening.

10) The home cooking.  Cooking is not my favourite, in fact I always joke that my next house can come without a kitchen and I will be happy. ( just joking) but cooking hasn't been to bad, I have tried new things, we eat as a family and it hasn't been to bad actually.

What about you, what have you enjoyed?

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