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We’re fast approaching the next season of the year. This is always a great opportunity to have a clear out and make your home ready and comfortable for the seasonal change! Sure, we all tend to clean on a regular basis. But these tasks tend to be routine, surface tasks. We’ll vacuum the floors. We’ll wipe sides and surfaces down. We’ll sweep and vacuum floors. We’ll clean the bath and sink. But a deep clean is much more appropriate every once in a while - getting into the areas that might get neglected throughout the rest of the year. Here are a few different steps you might want to take to clean your home properly and thoroughly, leaving everything feeling truly fresh and clean!

Cleaning Carpets

Your carpets go through a fair amount of wear and tear on a daily basis. Whether that’s family members, friends, or other guests walking through with shoes on. Whether that’s pets running through after spending time outside. Whether that’s spills from drinks and food. Now, there are ways to reduce dirt build up in your carpets. You can ask everyone to remove their shoes before entering. You can wash your pet's feet when it’s particularly muddy out. But regardless, dirt of some sort will build up over time. Now, you can tackle surface dirt with your vacuum cleaner. This will pick up debris from the surface of your carpet, such as non-ground in dirt, hair that has shed, pet fur and more. But this doesn’t tackle the problem of ground in dirt, which can provide a hub for bacteria to thrive. Now, you could clean the whole floor with a sponge and cleaning solution. But this isn’t exactly time efficient and may not give an even finish. Instead, why not try hiring a professional carpet cleaner. These devices can be hired and run around your house and will clean your carpet with a proper cleaning solution. They give an even finish and some are even designed to dry quickly, letting you get back to walking on your carpet sooner rather than later. You’ll be astounded by the amount of dirt they pull out and how clean your carpets look after! Alternatively, to save time, you can use professional carpet cleaners as a service and someone will take all of the hard work off your hands!

Cleaning Windows

Cleaning windows is a necessary task, but people don’t often carry it out properly. A dirty window can marr the appearance of a whole room. So take a little time over this task. Start with the insides of your windows. You will need:

  •  window cleaning solution (where possible, try to find an eco-friendly option)

  • a window cleaning cloth or rag

  • a window cleaning squeegee

Once you have the tools and cleaning solutions, the actual process of cleaning your window should be simple. Just spray the window, then wipe it down thoroughly. It’s as simple as that! Keep going until the window is smear free!

Cleaning the outside of your windows is a bit more of a complex task. So why not bring in the professionals who can carry the task out safely and complete the work to a high standard? They’ll be able to reach all the nooks and crannies and will leave a smear free finish!

Miscellaneous Tasks

Of course, there are all sorts of miscellaneous tasks that you might want to carry out if you’re planning on deep cleaning your house. These tend to be the tasks that get neglected and forgotten about during a routine clean. The areas that don’t seem dirty, but where dirt can build up over time. Here are a few examples to try.

Cleaning Skirting Boards

Your skirting boards tend to go pretty unnoticed. But their ledge can see a build up dust over time. So, every once in a while, get a damp cloth and wipe them down. You can use a cleaning solution to thoroughly clean them. It’s a small task but can actually make the whole room feel a lot cleaner.

Clean the Toilet Thoroughly

Of course, we clean the toilet regularly. But how often do you give it a good scrub? This can make all the difference and leave it truly sparkling!

These are just a few deep cleaning tasks that could prove appropriate for your home. For further steps, simply look around and see what needs to be tackled! Tasks vary from one home to another, so only you will know what’s absolutely best!

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