Stepping in the Right Direction: Making the Most of Your Empty Basement'


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There are certain parts of your home that are almost invaluable when it comes to improving the feel of your property. A place like a basement isn't just a cold, damp part of your home, but it can be so many things to elevate the quality of your living space. Basements are a great way to increase the value of a property as long as you use the space wisely.

Recreate It Into a Rec Room

A recreational room is perfect for a large family. Of course, one of the big issues with a basement is having to ensure that it is safe in the first place. If you need a sump pump inspection or you need to check if there is damp or water entering the space, it's important to get these things sorted first before you start decorating the space. Because there's the potential for water to seep into the property, especially there are pipes surrounding the basement, this is why it's one of the first places to flood during winter. So turning it into a rec room can make it far more inviting, just as long as you you use a professional to ensure it is safe in the first place.

Turning It Into a Laundry Room
One of the most ideal uses of a basement would be to turn it into a laundry room or mini kitchen. If you have a lot of people over for parties and the kitchen above ground is too small, using the basement to house a refrigerator or countertop appliance can reduce that cramped feeling. A laundry room is a very good idea but you have to remember it requires adequate drainage. If you are using a dryer (or warmtepompdroger for the Dutch among us) it needs access to an outside wall in order to vent properly.

Enlarging the Basement Windows

A basement can be a dark and depressing space, so enlarging the windows or adding exterior doors can make it a far more enjoyable room. Many people are now working from home and it requires a space to help you work at your best, while also not feeling hemmed in by everything. It's a job for a professional to add below ground windows as a window well needs to be dug. But it's also a good idea to use the windows as a step for an emergency exit, especially with all the electrical equipment a home office uses.

Design a Staircase

A very simple way to add a lot more style to a dark basement is to revamp the staircase. Ensuring the stairs are in a convenient location is crucial, and you may need to consult an architect to guarantee it works with the space. You have to remember that when you are renovating your basement, it has to meet the building codes as well.

Think beyond the norm. A basement is an invaluable asset to a property so make the most of it.

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