Fresh Kitchen Trends Worth Obsessing Over'

 When it comes to your health and happiness, your kitchen is arguably the most critical room in the house. The food you prepare here has an impact on your body years down the road - sometimes decades. 

When a new trend comes along, therefore, you can’t help but pay attention. It’s a chance for you to make adjustments and get the room looking and functioning just how you want. 

Kitchen trends come and go like the wind, but some are worth obsessing over - and implementing if you have the time. Here’s our rundown: 

Non-Standard Refrigerators

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Non-standard refrigerators serve a function and look great at the same time. They’re the sort of thing that will make your guests do a double-take. Fridges are supposed to be a certain width and height. And so when you have something that departs from the norm, it creates an immediate impression.

Perhaps the best are those tall, and skinny fridge freezes that slot into otherwise unloved corners of the room. Their slim-line appearance and curved exteriors immediately elevate the appearance of your kitchen and make you feel proud of it. 

Butcher Blocks Built Into The Worktop

Butcher blocks are necessary for a functional kitchen, but they take up a lot of space. What’s more, you always have to spend ages rummaging around for them whenever you want to prepare a meal. It’s not ideal. 

Getting your butcher blocks built into your worktops, however, is an excellent way of killing two birds with one stone. Not only is it more convenient, but it’s also exceptionally stylish. Installers simply insert the block between your existing countertop and then seal the edges to prevent damp. The result is a neat chopping surface where you can prepare meat immediately and quickly clear up after. 

Add More Green

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Green in the kitchen might sound a little funky, but when you implement it, it makes a lot of visual sense. It helps to give the room a more professional appearance and makes it more relaxing too than the usual white paint or tiles. You can redo kitchen cabinets in green, paint it on the walls, or just add a few pot plants here and there. 

Go Freestanding

Freestanding cabinets have been all the rage in kitchens recently, mainly in rustic-style kitchens. 

The best ideas here involve getting quite a tall cabinet set with glass-panelled doors and then filling it with all your crockery. Mugs, plugs and jugs all look great in this setup.

Plaster Walls

Have you ever wanted to turn your kitchen into something that looks like it has seen real history and work? If so, you might want to try plaster walls. The effect here is unique. Walls look patchy and mottled but neat and tidy at the same time. The style works well with Belfast sinks, granite countertops and traditional copper pots and pans.

Pendant Shades

Next time you’re perusing through an interior design magazine, take a look at the lighting options that stylists are using in kitchens. Almost always, you’ll see a variation of a pendant shade, hanging low from the ceiling. 

Today’s pendant shades come in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed to reflect the character of your rooms. Some are super formal and pair well with marble and high-end kitchen islands. Others are more relaxed and made of traditional materials, like wicker.

Which you choose depends heavily on the kind of aesthetic you want. Most professionals recommend you arrange your lights in groups of three and hang them over a table, island or breakfast bar, being careful to avoid making it so that people might bump their heads. You don’t want that!

Italian Tiles

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Italian culture is known for its style and sophistication. There’s a lot of pressure to create beauty. The country’s tiles, therefore, are stunning and work well in virtually all types of kitchen. 

The nice thing about these products is that they create a sense of neatness and serenity. When choosing tiles, try to go as large as you can - that’s the modern style. Furthermore, it’s actually a lot easier on the eye than complicated, mosaic-style floor patterns. Keep things simple, and monotone and your eyes will thank you for it. 

Pop-Up Gadgets

Just ten years ago, you’d struggle to find in-built gadgets in any kitchen. People just hadn’t thought of then. Now things like refrigerated kitchen drawers and coffee machines that pop out of your kitchen are all the rage. Plus they offer a lot of utility too, which makes them worth thinking about seriously. 

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