6 Crucial Car Safety Facts All Dads Should Know


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Before the pandemic, the biggest risk to young people was motor vehicle accidents. Collisions cost thousands of lives every year - most of which are people in the prime of life. Because of this, car safety is something that we should all be taking as seriously as masks, washing our hands and maintaining social distance. 

But do you know as much about car safety as you think you do? Probably not. In this post, we take a look at some of the car safety facts that all dads should know (and why they’re so important). 

Most Accidents Happen Close To Your Front Drive

If you think that accidents are most likely to happen when you’re miles away in an unfamiliar place, then think again. According to experts, most accidents happen close to people’s front drives. 

The reason for this comes down to concentration. When we’re in a new place, we’re likely to be on high alert, constantly scanning for any potential hazards. By contrast, when we think we know the area, we relax, our defenses go down, and we wind up taking more risks.

Everyone Needs A Seatbelt

If you think it’s okay to leave kids in the back without a seatbelt, think again. Not only is it the law to use seatbelts in most places, but it is also potentially hazardous for people in the front. If you were to stop suddenly, a child in the back would fly forwards into the back of the front seat. This, in turn, would push the front seat forwards all the way into the dashboard, causing crushing injuries. 

Kids Are Distracting

This fact won’t come as any surprise to experienced dads: kids can be distracting. The noise they make can dramatically increase the odds of a crash. 

As a driver, therefore, you need to train yourself not to respond in a way that could take your attention off the road ahead. A kid should be in a car seat at all times in a moving car and if you have not found a car seat yet, check out new pages from the Joie Baby. If something drops on the floor or the kids start fighting, ignore it until it is safe to deal with the issue. Avoid turning around and attempting to drive blind. 

Parked Cars Aren’t Safe

As car accident lawyers will tell you, even parked cars can pose a threat to kids. Why? Because other road users can still crash into them. 

Don’t leave kids in the car parked by the side of the road. Always bring them with you, even if it seems inconvenient. 

Poorly Maintained Vehicles Are More Likely To Crash

Do you maintain your vehicle to a high standard? If so, then you’re probably safe. However, if you don’t, you could be at risk of all sorts of catastrophic failures. Examples include tyre blow-outs, brake failure and loose wheels.

Recalls Mean Danger

When carmakers issue recalls on their vehicles, it’s time to act. It almost always means that you are at serious risk of serious mechanical failure that the manufacturer needs to correct immediately. If you don’t recall your vehicle, you could find yourself in a dangerous accident. 

In summary, know the facts and keep your family safe. 

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