Getting the Best Housewarming Present

Moving into a new home is one of the biggest milestones in life, and you'd want to make it

perfect for your friends. Whether they had moved from a previous home into a new one, or

they have bought their first property, shopping for a housewarming gift will require a lot of

thinking. Don't be one of those people who show up with a bottle of drink, no matter how

expensive it might be. Buy them a present they will cherish or put to good use and think of

you when they do. Fresh out of ideas? We’re here to offer some of the best housewarming

gift suggestions.

Pick a useful gift

Start by thinking about what every household needs. Then, try to find out whether the hosts

already have that. Kitchen appliances are always a go-to option. From a blender to a cutlery

set, you can never go wrong with a casserole dish or maybe a set of fancy plates.

When hosting bigger gatherings an extra plate comes in handy. Maybe they like to work

around the garden, in which case a set of gardening tools can also be perfect.

Ask them for an opinion

One of the worst things about receiving and giving gifts is the fact that you can end up with

several identical items that you won’t have the time to use. So, to avoid giving your friends

or family something they already have, it’s best to ask them what they want or need.

Choosing quality duvet covers, for instance, is always a good idea. Whether they decide to

use it, or keep it in their spare bedroom for guests, the duvet covers will be very convenient.

A gift card is always a winner

If you don't want to make a mistake with a housewarming gift, you can always go down the

safest route and opt for a gift card. All you'll need to find out is what the new homeowner's

favorite store is, and that's it. Decide on the suitable amount for a housewarming gift, and

let them pick out a gift or two that they need more than anything.

Decorative items are useful and convenient

Many people enjoy accessorizing their homes, and if a friend you're visiting likes that as

well, then looking into decorative items can be a good way to start. From throw pillows to

vases, paintings and other wall art, there's a full spectrum of wonderful options that they'd

appreciate. Do you know their taste in carpets and curtains? You can always make their

garden and backyard look tidy and welcoming by getting them garden gnomes and similar

decorative pieces.

Plants will look beautiful in any home

Bringing nature indoors is also a good option. Everyone needs a little bit of greenery in their

home, so buying a house plant will be one of the best housewarming gifts. If you know that

the person you’re shopping for isn’t plant-savvy, look for potted plants that are easy to keep

alive. Lady Palm, the Paddle Plant, and Devil’s Ivy are just some of the low-maintenance

house plants that are virtually impossible to kill. On top of that, they’ll breathe in life and

freshness into a home.

When you don't know which housewarming present is the best, check out our list. No

matter the option you pick, you will make the right choice. We've listed a few universally

convenient options that every new homeowner will appreciate and make good use of.

Finally, if you want to think more about the best present, just start with yourself. Think

about what you'd like to get, and maybe you’ll become even more inspired with other


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