Vindication- Season 2 episode 8


#VindicationMN is definitely on the top of my fav shows. 

Firstly I hope there is a lot more season of this show. My daughter and I are loving the crime, mystery yet clean show that we can watch together.

I was so happy when Shane got his job interview and he asked his sister Kirsty to pray for him- i love how real she got with God because he does care about everything. 

I really liked Kirsty idea for the sting after Pappys shut down, as the Sgt Tomilson said it was brilliant. 

Travis Partner said something that really stood out to me he said " Travis if you want to be chief of police- just be yourself. Don't make this something it isn't, dont make it an idol.

That is so true in life daily- just be yourself and do not make idols. 

I cannot wait for episode 9 to find out what happens with shane....

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  1. Hi, i do love this show as well.
    Brooke grothe


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