Why is it so hard to have faith and completely trust that God wont let you down

I feel like a few weeks ago i had so much faith that i would get a job and now i am feeling so let down and i need a job, there isnt even any to be applying for here right now..

this is causing me to be very depressed, too much time to think when im not working...
there is only so much cleaning you can do before you feel done in .
only so many blogs to read
only so often to do your nails
only so much knitting i can do before i start seeing weird :p

so i appreciate all the prayers that you can offer for a job to come up for me, we need me to have a job very very soon.


  1. Hey Terri, I've definitely been there before. Your post reminded my of one of my favorite quotes, "Faith in God, includes faith in His timing." I'd like to think that God is extending your job hunt because when He does finally bless you with a job it will be one that was worth the wait.

    I'll be praying for you! He won't let you down :)


  2. Shaina said exactly what I was going to say. You must have faith in his plan and that includes his timing. Keep looking... the right job is right around the corner. It may not be the job you hoped but it might be the job you need.

  3. Thanks to you both, i just need to keep the faith

  4. "Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1
    I understand how stressful it can be! Being without work when you have a family to take care of is extremely trying. However, God will not leave you. Even in the darkest of valleys He is beside you. Follow Him and you will land up exactly where He planned. I was once told by a lovely woman very planted in God that when it feels like things are at their worst, they get better! It's true. Keep your eyes and heart pointing upwards and continue to praise Him for everything in your life....even the bad for it is making you a stronger woman! I'm praying for you!


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