Hey ya'all.

How did my weekend end already....i wish weekends were 5 days and week days were 2- that makes more sense.

We were gonna have a family night here on Friday night but instead came home and i made spicy pasta ( big mistake- more in a min) we hung out and had a fun family night being home alone with nothing to do, no where to go, it was fun.
Around 11 pm- i started having major pain down there... it is normal for me to have bladder pain especially after eating spicy food because i have Interstitial cystitis and normally it goes away within 30-45 mins, i have a pill i can take if it gets to unbearable, well Friday night i had to take 2 of these and no relief, around 1:30 pm i told Andrew i was heading to the ER because it was unbearable, i was crying in pain and nothing was helping it...
got to ER by 1:45 and they took me back to triage and started doing blood pressure, temp, etc..they look at me and asked how long i was in pain i told them, they said my blood pressure was at a very scary rate and i needed to be take back to get it down to normal...took me back to a room and got me relaxed enough to get my bp down...the pain was getting worst and worst..they gave me a shot in the bum of Demerol and gravel- nothing changed, pain was so bad, i was sending my bp back up again, they finally got me a shot of morphine and i went to sleep, when i woke up the pain was gone and they told me i could go home, they also gave me a prescription for new medication, i was home around 7 am, slept til after 1 pm- all that medication will make ya sleep and sleep.

Saturday i was groggy most of the day - i did manage to go grocery shopping around 4 pm and then i made nachos and wings for dinner, i was falling asleep again by 9:30, hubby made me go to bed and rest....i finally feel more normal today though. 

Sunday: my first Sunday as a Sunday school teacher and we never had the full hour like normally because we had a baptism today, our pastors daughter got baptised, was so good to see her have her sins washed away and be ready for heaven, we thought maybe Brooke was gonna too but she wasn't ready she said- when she is ready she will, not gonna force her or do it just because.
We went out for lunch with a friend from church, i had very little because i am scared of more pain happening again, but i realized something, i got prayed over in church this morning and i have had no pain since then, Praise God!
Service tonight was cancelled because we are in the middle of a major, snow blizzard, check out these pic 

but no snow day for me tomorrow I'm sure, my work rarely closes ever, tomorrow i have an assistant starting, I'm excited for some help with the front counter, it can get busy and over bearing at times. 

Well that does it for me, im off to bed because morning comes early. Night and I love you ladies so much, you mean the world to me, Rhonda says thanks for the prayers for her as she laid her baby girl to rest, keep her in your prayers she isn't doing well at all 


  1. Wow! That is quite a weekend!
    Glad you are feeling better. Hope you were able to dig out of the blizzard.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!


  2. Wow! I certainly hope you are feeling better. I am soo done with winter. I just long for a beach and a beer and I don't normally drink beer. Maybe I should replace that thought with a margarita. Anyway, I hope it gets warmer there for you and you don't have to go to the hospital again anytime soon. :(

    1. a beach somewhere, anywhere would make me happy and ill take a diet pepsi :)

  3. Hope you feel better and am thinking of you!

  4. Wow! That is some crazy snow and a crazy weekend. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Wow what a crazy weekend - hope your feeling better now xx

  6. Wow - what a crazy and challenging story. I hope you feel much better very soon! I found your blog through the hump day blog hop - and it's very nice to "meet" you!

  7. SO I am curious what medication you take when the pain begins and what new med did they give you. I also have IC, and have never found a Dr that really seems to understand. I take Elmiron, but other than that nothing. Sorry you had so much pain....but I understand.


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