Weekend Recap

 Was another great day at work, i finally feel like i am learning more and more and can now remember how to do some things alone, the owner (Debbie and my boss) keeps complimenting me on how well i am doing, this makes me feel good and i like this a lot, we all need compliments from time to time.
I heard from a new friend earlier in the day- she has started coming to our church and she is a single mom with a 4 month old baby girl "Lucy" - she wanted to get together for Coffee, so hubby took me to meet her for 7 pm, and we had a great chat, she has come from a very very hard life - i wanna take her and teach her everything, she don't have a mom in her life and she wants to give her baby girl the best life she can, so proud of her for making the choice to have God in her life and to begin to let him be in control of her life, we talked for several hours and hubby and Brooke went fish shopping, they came home with 2 beauties, i love my pet fish.  
I was so exhausted from laughing, crying and chatting with my friend that i watched some hockey and went to bed rather early for a friday night. 

We had to be up and on the road for 9 am to go to a Bible Quizzing Tournament that Brooke was part of, she has been practicing for this since September and she did so well, came in 2 place...here are some pictures

they were on a team together and then Brooke got this:

So proud of my girl <3

I then went to the US shopping with my sister, we are only 15 mins away from the border and things are so much cheaper down there, will definitely be going back more often for groceries etc. I was knitting the drive there and back, i have so many orders to get done. 
Hubby took us out for dinner when we got back in town- went to a new Fish/chips place- it was good but not sure if i will go back there...
Then had to get groceries and make a dessert for sunday

I made this: 

it is truly amazing, here is the recipe http://pinterest.com/pin/90705379967155618/?fb_action_ids=10152505323020045&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=246965925417366

Brooke then went to Destiny's for a sleepover and i was sitting while watching hockey and was falling to sleep at 9:30 pm- i was exhausted. 

Woke up to a snowy day :( I am ready for Spring now...
we were later then normal getting to church because we were being lazy and slept in later and then i needed to get veggies ready for lunch because we were having company, prepped my veggies and headed to church, i went down to Sunday school today to watch what they do and see what i can add to it or take from it, it was different to be down in the classrooms then up in the adult service, i love when i hear good preaching which our pastor does all the time, we are blessed with an amazing pastor and his wife. 

We had company here for lunch, friends from church, lunch was so tasty today, i was proud. 
We went t pick up the single mom Rachel for service and i held her baby all night long, she is so sweet and so quiet, she dont make a sound.
We are having a baby shower for her on Feb 23. 

Tomorrow is Monday again, im not ready for it....

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