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Hello Rambling Momma readers! I am Mallory and I blog over at The Grace of Southern Charm. I am very excited to be over here today introducing myself to all of you!
As you all know it's almost Valentine's Day. The day of love. Oooh la la. But love isn't all about romance and when the romance is gone what do you do?

My husband's church required us to go to pre-marriage counseling and the main thing I took away from it is to be life-giving daily. What does it mean to be life-giving? It means doing the small, self-sacrificing things for one another and not only doing those things but at the end of the day thanking one another for doing those things. God sacrificed for us and showed us the ultimate love and by sacrificing, even a little, we show a glimmer of that love.

Some examples...
-When I stop on the way to work and get him a limeade from Sonic just because I know he loves them and it will make his day.

-When he does the dishes so I can get in 5 more minutes of blogging.

-When I send him an encouraging text through a rough day.

-When he cleans my horse's stall so I can soak in the tub.

All of those are life-giving moments. It breathes life into the relationship. It gives the other person a boost in life. It shows love. We thank one another for these moments because we know they are not necessary. I encourage you to do something life-giving for someone you care for. And remember, if someone does something life-giving for you, thank them for showing you love.

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  1. I know I'm gonna love Mallory b/c she loves horses and has some. one of the things I wish i had. and its been my dream as a little girl to have a horse.


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