Weekend Recap

Friday: my first full day of no work, i am already feeling the stress, i had a good lead on a job but i need to go away for 2 weeks to train for it....i can stay with my aunt. So i might do that, i hate the thought of being away from my hubby and Brooke for that long, but they may be able to come visit me on the weekends...
We had a Family Sleigh Ride with our church at 7:00 pm, i had to go to the church before to get some things i needed for the baby shower i was hosting on Saturday night, the horses were ready to go when we got there, first time to ever be on a horse drawn sleigh, it was so Romantic ( i think) 
My huney and i- yes he has his eyes closed, but he is still super cute :p 

The kids =) 

some of the people and the kids off the sleigh when we stopped for a break for the horses 

Our Family 

It was about 45 mins long and it was a beautiful night, the stars were shining brightly, it was amazing and we were with our church people, what better way to spend the night?

Everyone came back to our house after for Hot Chocolate, peanut butter oatmeal cookies, doughnuts, it was fun :) 

Jaradine and Marissa came over for the night around 11:30 pm- they were out of town and came over after they got back, Brooke went for a sleepover. 

We slept in as per usual..
around 1 pm we had to run some errands and get some things we needed for the baby shower at 7 pm... 
a single mom who has been coming t o our church has a 6 mth old little girl, we decided we would give her a baby shower... pictures below: it started at 7 pm, so we decided to make it a tea party- so we had cookies, kabob( veggie) and cheese/crackers, also some potato chips, it was lovely. It was at my house and i hosted with two other ladies ( Marissa and Jaradine) 

the cake table 

the cake on the cake table :p

some of the food

the "tea" table, we had 4 different kinds
cinnamon spice
tetley decaf

some of the presents, i forgot to get some pictures of the people and all the presents, its hard to do it all when your a hostess. 

a name sign- Lucy with a quote 

The guest of honour- Miss Lucy
such a great baby, she loves to smile and laugh. 

I was so exhausted after the shower was over and i cleaned everything up, then i realized i needed to finish a scarf for Sunday because she could only get it on Sunday, so i watched a movie the wedding singer...it is so very hard to get a movie that has no language in it, frustrating in fact. 

Sunday School- the kids had fun today we set up a first aid centre and let them take turns being the doctor etc, the story was about Jesus Heals- so we had them all act out a paralyzed person and we took turns praying for them and they would be healed, it was fun, the kids enjoyed it.
We went to a little restaurant after service with 10 people from our church, it was called the Blue Canoe - i had pulled pork and fries and a slaw, sure was delicious, i also got a coconut cream pie for dessert, why did i eat that much, i have no idea but it was good. 
Came home and napped for an hour and a bit, then evening service, it was powerful, we have an amazing church, we went to Dairy queen after for a "Hailey's dream blizzard" which is- a 6 year old girl who has a terminal illness- DQ is giving her money from the sale of the blizzard to help her with expenses etc. 
I am proud of my sister in law for being a surrogate mother- i know a lot of people dont agree, but i am proud of her, check it out here http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/Canada/NL/Featured/ID/2338105109/
That does it for me, tomorrow i am job hunting again, i need a job soon 


  1. What an eventful post! And it sounds like you have such a beautiful community surrounding you. I also loved hearing about the shower for a mama who needed it!

  2. I'm very close to the job hunt too, and I'm so nervous about it. Good luck to you!

  3. That cake table is so pretty! Good luck with your job search!

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  4. The tea party looks fantastic! What a lovely idea.
    I hope the job search sorts itself out soon.


  5. This was a lovely post and being from the Caribbean I envy they sleigh ride. It is definitely on my bucket list. I also liked the decoration for the tea party... it sounded like great fun.

  6. Sleigh rides and baby showers, definitely a fun eventful weekend. :)

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