It's Ok...

Whitney inspired me to do an "It's ok Post "

*It is ok that i am in love with Hummus (sundried tomato is my favorite)
*it is ok that i am being super lazy today and wanting to do nothing at all
* it is ok that i am sitting here blogging instead of doing laundry
*its ok that i am still in my Pj's at 12:54 pm
*it is ok that i got fired from my job yesterday for no reason at all
*it is ok that i feel a hole in my heart from losing my job


  1. I'm so sorry about your job! I'll be praying for you. Are you needing to get another one?

  2. Ugh... sorry, lady! :/ You didn't seem happy there anyways, so blessing in disguise? Life is too short to work a crappy job. Just leaves room for a new (& hopefully more enjoyable) opportunity! :)


Thanks for the blogging Love

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