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Christmas Cheer

Christmas Eve is one of my favourite days of the year, even more then Christmas… we usually travel to be with my family or with my hubby’s family, traditions at my inlays house are different then my parents house but that makes it special. 
My inlaws house: Christmas Eve includes a big party, there is all kinds of food and drinks, dessert and chocolates, friends and family gather around, we sit in the family room around the tree, we all take turns singing a part to the “12 days of Christmas”, and we all have to say our parts, I am not a singer but it still makes it fun, after we all sing our parts we laugh at ourselves and with each other, then we start with the food, we all have full bellies and head of to bed happy and full bellies and hearts. 

Christmas eve at my parents house is a flurry of activity as well start to prep the meal, friends come and go, I a trying to make it a more relaxed time something like we do at my inlaws house, i love the Christmas spirit , we will usually go for a drive and look at all the pretty lights, maybe have pizza or some kind of quick food, I think this year my brother wants to light up the bbq and grill steaks. That will be a new tradition.

I would one day like to travel for Christmas, I would love to take my daughter to Florida to disney world, I would also personally love to visit the San Fransisco Fairmont hotel and this beautiful ginger bread house display, take a look at this:and this beautiful ginger bread house display, take a look at this:

the hotel lobby is filled with people coming to see this huge ginger bread display, that to me would be like a dream, I love gingerbread anything and everything, so when I saw these pictures I felt like a kid in a candy store, ya know it isn't about the presents under the tree at all, it is about the birth of a baby and being with family and friends, some day I am taking my family to SF and we can all go visit this beautiful place. 

One week until Christmas Day, around right now all gifts will be open, kids will be happily playing, the women will be fixing dinner, the men are probably in front of the tv with a sports show on or having a cat nap ( atlas in my house), as we sit around the dinner table, we all hold hands and ask God’s blessing over our family and friends. 

Christmas is such a cheerful time, this year make your Christmas happy, invite someone to come visit you, someone who other wise would be sitting at home alone and sad, be that friend and make them smile 


  1. Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love the time with family, brightly colored decorations and all the festivities! Merry Christmas!


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