Confessional Friday

1) Sitting here in the darkness because we are in a snow storm, no power, water or heat and it is kinda cold, I kinda like the silence, we played board games as a family sitting on the floor, it was super nice, here are some snow pictures for you all

2) I am addicted to Periscope... I found some planner people and we have so much fun chatting all day long 

3) Last night was a sad night for my heart, we had a going away party for Moses, he is going to Guatemala as a missionary, Moses is our adopted kid, Brooke considers him her brother etc 

4) 18 days until I am home with my family for Christmas, I am so very excited!!

What are you Confess'n? 


  1. Your snow pictures are gorgeous! We never get that much snow here! We're lucky if we get an inch! #PNW I can't think of any confessions right now-they'll probably hit me sometime later today. Ha!

  2. I am so jealous of all your snow! It's been unseasonably warm here and I am probably one 9g the few people NOT happy about it!

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  4. Oh my goodness - the SNOW!! We just moved to the west coast and I never thought I would say it, but I miss the snow. <3

  5. i can't think of anything i want to confess right now :D

  6. Love your pictures! And that's so cool that Moses has the opportunity to go to Guatemala! How awesome!

  7. It is such an amazing post, dear!
    Have a nice weekend:)


  8. Are you part of the Erin Condren groups on Facebook? There are so many super cool planner people in there too. I keep meaning to watch a planner periscope but just haven't found the time to yet.
    I'm almost jealous of your snow, it looks so beautiful!


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