Christmas Gift Idea's for that Man

This retro-futuristic watch is for the guy who's got more style than he'll readily let on. Komono watches are made in Belgium and feature clean designs in a variety of materials and colors.
$89.95 at Amazon.com

Here's Amazon's answer to the Chromecast. The Fire Stick streams any given media to your TV with four times the storage and twice the memory of Google's device, not to mention the superior wi-fi reliability. Cheers to letting him spend the holidays indulging in his favorite pastimes.
$39.00 at Amazon.com

On average, men hold on to the same pair of underwear for 7 years (eek) — you need to help him! MeUndies are the World’s Most Comfortable Underwear.  Made from modal fabric and twice as soft as cotton, he's guaranteed to look and feel amazing from the undies out. Not only do they provide top-of-the-line quality, but their online-only service means you only pay for theundies (no middlemen, no markups). Plus, you'll receive 20% off and free shipping on your first order.
$20 (or $16 when you subscribe) at MeUndies.com

Pocket bulk isn't fun in the least — not only does it feel uncomfortable, but it doesn't flatter the figure either. This slim wallet is made from premium leather, which means it'll get nicer with age, and features just the right amount of room for all his cards and bills. Before you know it, he'll go from a Costanza to a Kramer just like that.
$79.95 at Amazon.com

Having good music everywhere you go isn't only about having a stacked playlist — it's also about full, rich sound. The award-winning Pocket Kick from Soundfreaq delivers just that thanks to its passive bass radiator and built-in stereo drivers. It has over 10 hours of battery life, is super portable and works with any bluetooth-enabled device. Use code ASKMEN to get 30% off + free shipping.
$69.00 at Soundfreaq.com

This isn't just the new game of the year, this is the game of a lifetime. This can also go on my list, I am so excited for Star Wars. A decade after the last instalment, Star Wars Battlefront is getting a much needed reboot just in time for December’s The Force Awakens film. Players can take control of either a Rebel Alliance soldier or an Imperial Stormtrooper, and wage war across many of the film's planets in cooperative missions that can be played offline, or with up to 40 players online.
$59.88 at Amazon.com


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