Stephanie- Guest Post: DIY Wreath

Here is a fun Do It Yourself Wreath, pour that cup of coffee and check it out. 

Christmas Ruffle Wreath DIY
If you're looking for a new Christmas wreath and have a stack of Christmas movies to plow through this holiday season then look no further! While this isn't a quick project, it is a worthwhile one because it turns out gorgeous and is super simple to make! I know it's not for everyone, but I really enjoy mindless, tedious and repetitive activities like this that don't require much thinking! Pop in a movie or favorite tv show marathon and just cozy in for an evening craft-this is my kind of night.
If this is your idea of fun too, here's what you'll need…
-Foam wreath form (size of your choice)
-Straight pins (lots of straight pins)
-4 yards of felt, color your choice
Begin by making a kajillion circles out of the felt. (Kajillion is a technical term here) I used a plastic cup as a tracing tool and just traced around it and cut it out. You can use a fancy fabric circle cutter if you have one, I just don't. I'm pretty basic in the old fashion trace and scissors kind of way…
Now take a circle and fold it in half.
And fold that half circle in half again.
Now pick it up and stick your pin through all 4 layers of felt.
Then attach them to the wreath, close enough that you get a full look, but not so close that they look "scrunched". You'll play with it and figure out the look you like.
I find it easier to begin on the inside of the form and work your way out.
After you've done the whole form you'll have something that looks similar to this…my favorite Christmas wreath so far! I'm even considering making a white one for Winter!

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  1. That turned out gorgeous!!! I absolutely love it!

  2. This is so pretty and I think I could actually make it!

  3. This is so pretty and I think I could actually make it!


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