Confessional Friday

Confessional Friday: 

1) It is almost Christmas time and I cannot wait to get on that flight home

2) So proud of my baby girl- she was working on a heritage product and last week they had to present to the teacher and her classmates, and that was the first time, she got picked to present in front of the whole school, so she did that and she came in 1st place, now she has to see if she made it to the regionals, So proud of her

3) I had fun this week picking a present for my planner exchange buddy, got her a bunch of cute things. 

4) I made a gluten free spaghetti because Andrew has to go GF for some health issues, I will never eatGF spaghetti ever again, yuck. 

What is on your mind? 


  1. Thanks for sharing! Speaking of GF noodles, do you know of a good brand?

    1. we just tried Barilla brand and they are really good
      Email me if you want more info: terrigrothe@gmail.com

  2. i'm a gf girl also - Tinkyada is VERY good when it comes to pasta - and it tastes just like the real thing! :D

  3. I went and read all about Leslie because of you Terri. I love how you are keeping her memory alive her and on your social accounts - her story is beyond hertbreaking. Wishing you joy and peace throughout the holidays and I'm happy thinking of you on that flight home. xx


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