Christmas List for Kids

Thanks to Google for this list: 

No screen is necessary for this computer turned teddy bear. It’s powerful enough to keep your child edutained for hours, and at the same time will grow with them so it really will become their best friend and not just a gimmick.

Here’s a toy that’s sure to be a hit anyone that saw the Minions movie last summer. It features an oversized version of Dave that can talk and drop lines from the movie.

With the latest installment of Star Wars set to come out and December you can be sure that a new wave of interest in Star Wars it’s just around the corner. One perennial favorite is R2-D2, and this interactive droid will be a lot of fun for any fan.

In case you didn’t go see the new live action Cinderella movie you might not know that they made a short sequel to frozen called Frozen Fever. This doll features the new-look Elsa from the short and will definitely be a hit.

What are you getting your kids this year?


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