Being vulnerable

So my counsellor says I need to be more vulnerable and to really share my heart, soul and mind and it is ok if it is real and raw because it is life and life is not meant to be perfect.  I struggled with seeing a counsellor in person but there is an option for an online counsellor

Life is messy and at times we do not understand things that we go thru, but as long as we have people cheering us on and coaxing us to keep going, we can and will make it.

That being said this blog is hopefully going to see me around more with heart felt thoughts and really sharing the darker places of me.

Hi, im Terri and I struggle daily with anxiety and depression.  My life is not as perfect as one would think or assume.

Yes, I have much to be thankful and grateful for and when I look deep inside I dont have a reason to feel like this but I am not in control, my brain is and right now it isnt in a good place.

I feel like because of past hurts, I have built a wall and I am scared to let people in... But maybe it is best if I try and succeed at making that friend for life then not trying and staying miserable and feeling alone.

So, I will be sharing more of my story from time to time- more often than not... as I do need these thoughts out and talking or writing is a huge help and outlet for me.


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