Tips to avoid stomach troubles when travelling

There is nothing as exciting as traveling and exploring new destinations. However, there are some things you need to be aware about to ensure a fun trip. The best part of visiting new destinations is their cuisine. But trying new cuisines can also give you a stomach ache if you do not take necessary preventive measures. There are certain things you can do in order to ensure that you enjoy the trip without letting stomach issues turn it into a disaster.

Motion Sickness

Motion sickness may not have anything to do with food but it is a common issue among travelers. Motion sickness will occur due to inner ear disturbance which you experience when traveling in a vehicle or on a plane. This can cause dizziness, vomiting and nausea. There are some ways you can deal with it. Try looking at the horizon or consider taking a nap. If you are traveling in a vehicle or in a train, open the window to get fresh air. Alternatively, you can chew gum or use ginger. There are also medications you can take for motion sickness and they should be taken about half an hour before you begin traveling.


A traveler’s diarrhea can happen due to eating or drinking bacteria contaminated food or water. It is very common in a lot of countries and many travelers often experience it. You can avoid the issue by avoiding beverages or food which is unpasteurized, avoid fruits and vegetables which are peeled or have no skin. Avoid street food and ensure that the meat is cooked and very hot when you are served. Always use bottled water to drink and to brush your teeth. If you suffer from traveler’s diarrhea, you need to avoid greasy foods or any food that is high in fat or fiber. Avoid caffeine and do not consume any type of dairy products. You should not consume a lot of sugar and ensure that you are well hydrated. Diarrhea can cause dehydration and you will have to drink a lot of liquids to ensure that the issue does not worsen.


Travel can make it difficult for you to stick to your diet and this can lead to constipation. If you experience constipation, it will lead to gas, an abdominal pain, bloating or even discomfort. You need to try to eat on schedule so as to avoid the situation. You also need to remain cautious with regard to the medications or supplements you take. They can induce constipation in people. Ensure that you drink a lot of water and consume a lot of fiber regularly. It is also a sign that you need to cleanse your gut with a diet or through probiotics.


This situation can be really miserable and slightly difficult to handle. You need to ensure you keep heartburn under control whenever you are traveling. Always avoid the food or drinks which can trigger a heartburn. Do not sleep within three hours of eating and always try to eat smaller meals as compared to large ones. Do not smoke and avoid alcohol. Try to prop your head up on an extra pillow when you go to sleep and stick to bland foods as long as heartburn remains present. Dairy products can worsen the heartburn, hence always be careful with them. You can opt for medication in case the heartburn persists. If it becomes a chronic issue, you might need to speak to the doctor about preventive medicines which you can use on your travels.


Bloating and gas can cause pain and could make it hard for you to get comfortable. If you consume a lot of fiber or eat a lot of greasy foods, it can cause bloating. You need to know which foods will trigger the bloating and avoid them. Consider the symptoms and see what leads to gas and bloating. It is advisable to stick to healthy foods in order to reduce the risk of bloating. Make sure you consume a lot of water instead of beverages. There are medicines available for bloating and gas and you can take them as a preventive measure.

When traveling, you need to watch what you eat. This will help ensure that you do not have any tummy troubles and your trip is not ruined. Try to eat less and always drink bottled water. If you maintain basic hygiene at all times, you will be able to avoid any stomach problems while traveling.

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