Introducing the official headquarters of showing some LOVE  to your fellow Bloggers every
Wednesday a.k.a. "Hump Day"!
Okay, not really the "headquarters" but still... 
Let's Party!
This blog hop was born in true "hippie fashion" with the idea of giving, sharing and spreading LOVE in mind. 
There seems to be so much dark in the world (especially on the news) lately so why don't we band together to help spread more of the peace, LOVE & beauty in the world in the world? 
Let's stand together and shine our bright lights of positive energy and overcome all of the darkness
Submissions will be open for 3 days, starting every Tuesday at 5am & ending every Thursday at 11pm.
Please see below for the simple rules. :)  
  • 'Share the LOVE' with a post (new or old) about "LOVE"... about something or someone you LOVE... something you would LOVE to try... or something you saw that reminded you of LOVE and the beauty in the world.... You get the idea! 
  • Follow your hostess... which is ME! :) 
  • Follow our LOVELY co-hostesses: 
Leave a comment if you'd like them to follow you too!
  • Show some LOVE to our AWESOME Bloggess of Honor...   
 Rachel @ The Tao of Poop
    *Congrats,  Rachel!*
    *Want to be our Bloggess of Honor??  Be sure to follow ALL of the rules and come back next time to see if YOU get randomly selected!*
    • Visit at least 3 other bloggers on the link-up and be sure to Show Them Some LOVE by leaving a comment if you would like them to follow you back! 
    • Share this blog hop on at least one of your social outlets... Facebook, Twitter, etc., to help this blossom bloom!  And by 'this blossom', I mean this PARTY! And by 'bloom', I mean GROW!! 
    • Take our peace sign badge at the bottom and proudly display it on your side bar and/or blog post to encourage others to Show Some LOVE with us! Also so you know where to come back next time. :)
    That's it! So what are you waiting for?! 
    Ready, Set, 
    Link-up! (please contact us at mhippiemomma@gmail.com or visit our Sponsor Page if you'd like to be a one of our lovely co-hosts we love & adore so much)  ;)


    1. New follower from the hop. Looking forward to reading more on your blog!

    2. Hi there, I live just outside Toronto so I feel like I should say "Go Leafs" but they really don't stand a chance. ;)

    3. oh dear another leafs fan :p
      Ill still like ya haha
      Ya never know they made it to the play offs who knows what they may do

    4. Blog hops are such a cute idea xx

    5. Haven't joined in on one in ages - and the theme of yours is great!

    6. Great idea! Not brave enough yet to host a link up...

      ~Laurie @ Vin'yet Etc.

    7. Loved your theme too - great idea!


    Thanks for the blogging Love

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