Weekend Recap

Happy MAY 2-4 Weekend 

Friday: TGIF: another week filled up at work, i feel mentally, physically and emotionally drained..
Mentally because of all the information I'm getting at work, only on day 12 yet, have 35 days in training, then 2 weeks actually job shadowing, its good though.

Physically because i had another treatment today, this one was much worst then the first one, the nurse was super sweet to me though. I brought a book with  me to read, because once it is done, u have to lay still for 30 mins to make sure it does its thing, well i dropped my book on the floor and the nurse was done so she was gone out for me to rest, so my book didn't get read :p

Emotionally: I really get emotional more so lately then ever before, i don't know what it is.. maybe because i am so tired all the time, i find if I'm tired I'm moody and emotional, that could be what it is.

I came home from the treatment and had to give in and rest, hubby made ribs on the BBQ for dinner, i slept for 2 hours then i got up and ate... really didn't do much at all on Friday night.  Watched some big brother reruns and some 90210

Saturday: Brooke and Daddy went geocaching for the day. So I wanted to do something fun, but i also needed to clean my house.....so i text my new friend Amy to hang out....she came over while i cleaned, i took a shower then we headed out for our adventure...
I wanted to find some "Fredericton" souvenirs for my Cara box friend this month. no luck, it is hard to find anything here...until the tourist season, i couldn't believe it, so now i need to find another idea for her. 
We also went to the Farmers market ( held every weekend here), i love the market, it is so awesome. Look at the awesome lunches we got

Amy's lunch and she got a hot dog tornado 

Mine was a potato tornado
So awesomely good. 

It was home fries on a stick to be truthful and yet it was so delicious. 

We shopped around at market....it was fun.

Then we went to the library and got some books, went to a souvenir store, then to a grocery store.
We grilled and Amy ate with us, was so much fun with her today  

After Sunday School, we mowed the lawn, well hubby did and i took a mini nap because Sunday School exhausts me. at 4:30 pm 
We went to our annual youth convention and a mini getaway :)
here is my girl in the foyer of the church/hotel:

There was over 1000 young people there. The speaker was Rev Staten, he challenged our young people to be different and not give in to worldly pleasures that can seem so enticing to them, it was a great service.
After service we went with friends to McDonalds for a snack, chatted a bit then went back to our friends where we stayed last night.
For the first in a very long time, I slept like a baby, I was so exhausted and my body keeps yelling at me to get some more rest, I just can't sleep well...

Near the hotel we shad service at.. gorgeous city 

Brooke with her friend Erika, those two play so well 

cting silly 

Monday - its our May 24th weekend here which means no work or school, so we hung out for a bit with Katie and Nathan and then went to see my aunt who I haven't seen in 20 years- was an awesome time to see her again.
We then had to stop by a pharmacy bc Brooke had a toothache and no dentist open today, so thankfully a good pharmacist recommended some stuff and she is feeling better now. She can see the dentist tomorrow.

My Brothers girlfriend just graduated from university, so proud of Julia, she is such a wonderful girl, graduated from Arts. 

here is my brother with her, they look so cute. Love ya both <3 

Back to work and school tomorrow. I have a busy week coming up. 

Wednesday for Women had a wonderful first week, got so many compliments on the wonderful idea to begin this for women, this week we have a guest so make sure to come by and read what she has to say :) 

Cheers <3 


  1. I hope and pray that things start to turn around for you -- that you find strength from deep within! Rest is crucial, so please find time to shut your eyes on occasion.

    Best wishes!

  2. Treatment? What kind of treatment are you undergoing? Be good to yourself and like Mandi says above, find time to give yourself some rest.

  3. Congrats to your brother's girl for her graduation!

    Glad you got some rest, that's a bummer about the book though.

    Your daughter looks beeeautiful all dressed up for church. :)

  4. aww hope you feel better soon. meditate, go within... it will help you build strength.... Good Luck with the rest of your training. those potato tornados look yummie xx

  5. Sounds like a full weekend! Hope you have better energy this week.

  6. Sorry you are having to go thru all those medical procedures, they dont' sound like too much fun Hopefully they are ending soon and then you will have more energy to do the stuff you'd like to do.

  7. Hope things turn around fast & you're feeling better soon xox

  8. Beautiful family and know that the Lord is always with you, never gives you anything you can not handle and had blessed you with great friends and family to help you thru it all. Thank you for sharing!


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