When I was 12, (I turned 13 in October) I was visiting with my cousin who told me I should go to youth camp with her, I knew I had to be 13 and wasn’t yet, so I wasn’t sure if they would mind, (I really wanted to go bc I had a crush on one of the pastors kids there) she made all the necessary phone calls and yes I was able to go.
We drove with a pastor, the car was loaded down and we were really packed in their tiny car for the next 5 hours.
We arrived and we all got sent to the hosting Pastors house for dinner that night – then they told us who we would be staying with etc, everyone was pretty shy and not a lot of people were talking, I had my cousin so we were good.
Church that night was great, we all went back to our places for the night, nothing was said about anything or anyone to make me interested.
The next morning we had devotions then we broke into groups and did different things around the town, I got paired with a lady (who now is my mother in law), she was a lot of fun to work with and we had a lot of fun together, neither of us thinking she would be a special person in my life.
The 3rd and 4th day same thing- we had a lot of fun, the 4th day sitting across the table from me was my future husband and you know how they say, love at first sight- it was for me, I asked him to pass me the coke, he did and his smile made my heart skip a beat- I told my cousin later that night, I have no idea of his name, or anything about him, but I was going to marry this guy and spend the rest of my life with him, she thought I was crazy, but when you know, you know.
His brothers girlfriend was also staying with us, we talked late into the night of this guy who is now my husband, she then without me knowing gave Andrew my mailing address and 4 weeks later I got a letter from a guy who would remain a special part of my life forever.
We were friends or pen pals what ever you want to call it, until I turned 16.  When I turned 17 I got a letter from him stating that “its spring and a young man’s fancy turns to love” he then asked me to date him- my answer isn’t hard to guess- I jumped up and down and wrote him a letter telling him yes, I would love to date him, it was the fastest time I ever wrote back. That Christmas he gave me a beautiful watch, and I knew from that moment on I had an amazing man.
He then asked me to his high school graduation where I got my first kiss ever- he is so romantic, we were walking on a walking trail and he looks at me and says….Do you know what I would like to be doing right now? I answered- no idea, he then said look at me, when I did we kissed, it was the sweetest kiss I have ever got in my life. He then told me he won’t have much time for us with him starting college, we did still talk at times and we did write, it didn’t matter to me what happened because I was marrying this guy.
He came to visit me for my high school graduation- he spent several days with me and it was blissfully sweet- the next time I would see him would be late August when I moved there for school.
August came and I moved there for college- he came to pick me up every morning and almost every evening he was there to get me – my birthday was in October, we had dinner that night together at my apartment, he got me flowers as well, he had to work that night so we didn’t get much time together. I love that man so much though. His family had a dinner party for me that night, so much fun but missed him.
Then for what ever reason I got very homesick- I couldn’t knock it at all, I needed my family and home, he stayed up til 3 am talking to me to try and help me pass the home sickness, no luck, the more time I was away the worst it was. So I did the big No-No, I went to see the counselor and dropped out, now that I was a college drop out, I was terrified we wouldn’t be together anymore, he is so smart and would never be a drop out, would we still be able to be together, only time would tell.
I told him that evening that I had dropped out and was going home the next day- he was sad, even though he wanted me to do what was best, his dad came to bring him to visit that night, we didn’t talk long, because both of us had nothing to say….i went to my apartment and packed to move, I took a cab the next morning and very quietly left the city, saying good bye to no one- I took the bus home to my parents.  I was so sad all the way, I sat there broken hearted and clutching the flowers he had given me, wishing I knew what the future held. It was good to be home but I missed him terribly.
I cannot remember how long before we talked again, but it was a while because when I got home, my parents were packing to move to a new town where I rarely knew anyone.
This is not what I moved home for; I moved home to be with family and friends, not to move…i had it set in my mind that i would be miserable because it isnt what i wanted
We moved to Baie Verte on Oct 31, 2000- we were waiting for phone service for several weeks, I had to go to library to email him to let him know I was home safe and sound- we emailed until I had phone service again then we had a long talk and we were still working towards the future. I got a full time job at the police office as detachment assistant, I loved my job He graduated college 1 year later and he came to visit me for my birthday (he spoils me), while he was here, he spent time with my Dad while I was at work, Dad took him to talk with a friend of his about getting a full time job here so we’d never be separated again. My Daddy is the best.
He got the job as an ambulance attendant; he did have to go away for several weeks though for training- it was the longest 4 weeks ever, I cried because I missed him so much, we broke up the time with him coming home when he could. Then finally his last day was here and he was back to me…that was mid Dec. Christmas came and his parents came to visit, I was actually expecting a ring that day but it didn’t happen which was fine because I knew I was marrying him and that was that.
Jan 07, my sisters birthday, we were celebrating her that day, we decided to go for a walk- while walking in the softly falling snow, he decided tonight would be the night he would pop the big question- he dragged me over a snow bank and got soaked (but so worth it) there in the park with the lightly falling snow, he got on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him, I bawled before I even answered him, I said is this for real- he said yes it is for real and I said yes I will be your wife forever – I was walking on the moon. Told my parents and everyone was overjoyed- we decided we wanted to be married on May 4, 2002.
That didn’t give us much time, we went into full wedding planning mode, we should have gone and eloped, this wedding thing wasn’t for me, I was glad I had wonderful friends to help me out with it.
We decided on a mid afternoon ceremony, and reception after that for family and invited guests- everyone complimented how nicely done it was.
We honeymooned in beautiful woody point and had 4 days of just the two off us, it was peaceful and relaxing- we didn’t get married in rings because the minister didn’t agree with rings…so we bought them on our honeymoon and wore them home.
The night we got home we had dinner with pastor and family that was still here, was very nice, we still didn’t move into our home til a few days later.  I loved being his wife.
Andrew, it has been 10 years of being your wife, 10 years of loving you. You are an amazing husband and Dad, I know there are times when all we do is fight and argue, at the end of the day, I know you are my soul mate, MY BEST FRIEND.heart

My Blessing In Life
Every morning I wake up and see,
The most handsome man lying next to me.
He's the one I cherish and love,
A blessing sent from Heaven above.
I will love him as a faithful wife should,
And do everything for him I could.
I would let him know everyday,
That I love him more than words can say.
For the child we have together,
And the love for God in each other.
It will keep our love for each other strong,
And the Lord will guide us away from all wrong.

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  1. What a great story you and Andrew have! Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy hearing how two souls found each other. Happy belated anniversary and here's to many, many more happy days, years and decades ahead!


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