Weekend Recap

What an amazing weekend we have had...the weather, the company and the fun
Right now at 8:10 pm i am blogging from the back patio where it is 25 degrees (77 in Fahrenheit)... this never never happens here this time of year, but I'm thankful for it and enjoying it. 

I had to write an exam at work so i woke up feeling nausea's and hoping i was just nervous and hoping once i got the exam wrote i would have been more relaxed. I took a anti nausant and went to work, i stopped for coffee on my way and i couldn't even drink it because of said nausea. 
By the top i got to work i was feeling so much better. The exam didn't get done until shortly after 11 am, but it was so Easy Peasy. I got 95% on it, they want 90 plus to keep training you. I have 9 more to go and a final exam. I can do this.
Friday we got of work at 2:30 pm, hubby picked me up because he was going to an appointment for an oil change so we both hung out at the service centre, I don't care where i am, as long as i am with him. We then got Brooke and came home, we grilled chicken breast for supper with lemon juice on it, so good and i made an amazing salad. 

We just hung out together as a family and enjoyed the quiet time. 

6:30 am came much to early. We had to drive Miramichi which is 2 1/2 hours away from here. It was a beautiful morning for a drive. 
Brooke had her quizzing tournament there,  one more and we are done for summer. 
The team came in second place again and Brooke got the 3rd highest score for the whole tournament. 

This is with their Coach Fonda. The guy in the back ground is my Bro In law. 

We got home around 5 pm and i made a quick stop to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things i needed for Sunday school, promised the kids we would have cupcakes for a treat. 
Then Brooke went to Fonda's for a sleepover, it was nice to have some time with my hubby, we made ribs, we made grilled potato wedges, salad. sooo very good. 
The company was great too :p
after we ate, we want for a walk on this bridge 
hand in hand with the love of my life on a beautiful Spring evening, what can get better.
We went for a drive and came home watched hockey, relaxed and went to bed at a rather decent time. I love the man i married and would love to spend another 100 years with him. 
we had Sunday school, it was a lot of fun, the kids were well behaved and they enjoyed the cupcakes. 
We grilled again burgers and hot dogs, we ate out on the patio after we got all the furniture out of the garage and got it set out. 
Our student boarder moved in as well, he is a great guy and is working at our church for the summer. 

Cheers, have a great week. 


  1. Another busy weekend! We grilled everyday too - there is nothing quite like those first few meals of the season on the BBQ :)

  2. Happy anniversary :)
    It's warm here too....yay... Finally
    Well done on your exam... You did great xx

  3. Ah Happy Anniversary! Yay for warm temps and congrats to Brooke!


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