Weekend Recap

Friday: Worked til 2:15 ( we get off early every Friday), hubby picked me up so i could head to the hospital for my first Bladder Instill treatment, got checked into admitting, they told me to go to the 4th floor and a nurse will meet me there, What an amazing nurse she was, she knew i was nervous so she chatted a lot to me, told her how awesome she was. I got the treatment done and the procedure wasn't to painful, the recovery after wasn't to bad, but i was mentally and physically exhausted because i worked all day and we are getting right into the actual hands on training and it exhausts me.
I got home around 4:30, i then went to bed to rest up, Brooke had Destiny come over at 6:30 for a sleepover ( they are taking turns every weekend for a sleepover here or Destiny's house). I am so glad Brooke has a friend like her here.
It was also pay day, felt good to get a cheque again
 We all watched the hockey game, the Bruins didn't win :( makes me sad and nervous at the same time because it isn't the time for them to be losing, not much longer left to play, so wake up Bruins.

Saturday: I slept in really late, its to embarrassing to write here, then i had a crazy bad head ache maybe from to much sleep, but it went away.
Andrew and I went to get some groceries, then i went to see Big Wedding with my friend Nicole, it was an hilarious movie, was nice to hang out with her.
Came home and had a craft time with my sister via face time, makes me miss her and my babies so much more.
Tried to go to bed rather early but off course i couldn't sleep so i got up to watch some Big Brother which i am now addicted to... love it

Sunday: Mother's Day- the day when this Momma does nothing but get herself ready for church and get Brooke ready off course, but i don't cook or clean. 
We had a beautiful Mothers Day service this morning, Sunday School was cut down because of the presentations upstairs, They gave us a beautiful coffee cup, plants, books, I made a presentation to our Pastor's wife, gave her flowers and read her a poem titled "Our Pastor's wife"- she was surprised, love that woman so much. 
Brooke got me the following:

This one she made me in school: It says she loves when we spend time together, when i talk about her on my blog it makes her smile ( she reads here, Hi Baby Girl) and how she loves me, I love home made gifts like this from the heart ♥, no flowers or chocolate could ever give ya the feeling that this does. 

Plant on the left she made for me at day care, middle is the mug i got from the church, plant she made for me in sunday school with an adorable verse on it. 

We dressed in purple and white today, love this kiddo more then words can ever say, she is so perfect and it is a joy to be her momma ♥ 

They made me pancakes and bacon for lunch which is exactly what i wanted, and it was so nice to not have to do dishes, cook or clean today, although i did fold some laundry, we need clothes after all:p

We did go for ice cream before bed as well.

Hope all of you Mothers had an awesome Mother's Day. 


  1. I had an awesome day, too - filled with simple and special things. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend - love the purple outfits!

  3. You have a wonderful family. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I found you on Modern Hippie Momma blog hop. I'm looking to connect with other mommies. I just started my blog Get Fit, Healthy Life last month. I hope you will stop by: http://getfithealthylife.blogspot.com. I followed you on pinterest and twitter as well :-) Looking forward to getting to know you!

  4. I Love your gifts for Mommies Day! I also got a book made by my little girl. :) So precious. Know what you mean... Our first is starting Kindergarten soon!! :(

    Thanks for spreading the LOVE around with us on Showin' Some Love Hump Day Blog Hop!! :)
    Already following you!

    <3 Amanda*

  5. What a wonderful day, I'm glad you got a little spoiling in, always a good thing for us moms. :)

    Glad you gave The Big Wedding a positive review, it's a movie I'd like to see. :)

  6. What a nice way to spend the weekend. Glad your bladder thing wasn't as horrible as you had expected. :)


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