Midweek Randoms

I have really been missing my blog
I've had some things scheduled so other then that its been boring around the blog world.

Work is so busy, Oh my word.
Still in the classroom training and wow, i am lost in all the different screens there are etc....
today we are beginning to wrap it all together but i cannot figure it out for the life of me,
I missed an hour this morning for a Dr apt and i think that threw me behind.

Dr apt today was with the surgeon from my surgery a few weeks ago now (April 30th)
he wanted to see me to begin some other treatments seeing as this one didn't work,
beginning tomorrow i am going to have Bladder Installation Therapy done..
I'm told it is very painful while having it done, read more about it here:

I want this to work because truthfully i am in constant pain, the Dr told me the surgery should have helped but it didn't at all, well maybe for the first few days, im hoping it helps.

We have found a new home as well, we have to be out of here come Aug 1, makes me so sad, but time to move on to better things.  The new home is much smaller, but hey, its cozy and we will enjoy it.

How's your week

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  1. New homes are always fun! It's the moving part that isn't. Sorry :(


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