Prayer Request

A friend of ours is in need of some major prayer, 

36 with 2 daughters and a wife... he had a surgery a few weeks back in Alberta, Canada

He came home to visit family, we visited him about 2 weeks ago and he was still in alot of pain, that night, his mom posted this on Facebook
Trustin is in need of prayer,he is in emergency room with awful pain in stomach from surgery....
then next day 
update on Trustin,had blood work and x-ray,white count is up some and x-ray showed there is something wrong with the line running into his stomach,cat scan 8:30 Sat .morning Doctor here talking to his Doctor in Saint John the one who first put in his stunt,he is working all week-end so Trustin might have to go there depends on his CT please pray for him the poor guy doesn't need more trouble and his Mama has had enough. 
Later that night
up date on Trustin,he will be leaving soon for Saint John,the tubing they put in for draining the fluid off his brain is in a pocket behind his liver,not sure yet what the doctor is going to do but looks like surgery again ,please pray for my Son .....
Next day:
Trustin had the the tubing brought out of his stomach ,now out in his chest,he is in alot of pain and very tired,on strong antibiotics for 10-12 days than they are replacing everything will be home now for a month and half for sure to recover poor Trustin some home vacation and his dear girls and Julie so fair away.....she doesn't know what she is doing for sure or when...
July 29
Trustin is still in ICU still having alot of pain,very tired never had a good night Sat .night.His family is doing fairly good,wife comes home the 5th I believe.

Well his wife got the call on the 30th to get on the next flight home because he was unresponsive and took a turn for the worst, our church went to prayer and here are the updates from that

His wife got there at 10 pm that night, she texted me and told me he is more alert but still groggy

Toady he is unresponsive again and they have asked for a lot of prayer, all the family are there and he should be having surgery tomorrow to remove the tube, then 2 weeks he will have another surgery to get a new shunt, he needs a complete healing and i know that God can do it.
So if you wouldn't mind please pray for Trustin and the Herrington Family 


  1. How heartbreaking, Terri. I sincerely hope that Trustan recovers quickly. This must be so hard for his family.

  2. Oh my gosh, this is heart-wrenching. Sending my prayers, hoping you'll keep us updated and that you'll have good news (soon!).


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