Weekend Recap :)


Back to work after 10 days of vacation, thankfully i got off at 2 for treatment, the nurses on 4W are so amazing to me, they really do care, and treat me so well when I'm there...I took this picture for Brooke she wanted me to take one for her
I will love when i can finally say my treatments are over forever, i am beginning to get the bad taste in my mouth from them now and I'm losing my hair slowly :( 
Moses had a birthday today as well- we made him a cake and cooked chicken fettuccine for him, it was nice
just as amazing as it looks

I laid down for a "20" minute nap after dinner and woke up 4 hours later with a blog post on my  mind, it was things that i couldn't even get over it, i filled pages in my notebook, got out my bible and had scripture references going then i posted a short version on the blog, thank you for your kind comments and your love, it means a lot. 
I couldn't fall back to sleep for a long time after that, i guess it was my combination of naps and a heavy heart

( my desk last night) 


Brooke woke us up by crawling in bed with us, as much as i love her snuggles after a hard night of little sleep i didn't want to wake up that early :p
I slept for a while after that, then the phone rang and woke me up
figured i may as well get up and start my day, took sheets of the bed to wash and change them, cleaned my house with the help of Brooke, she loves to try and clean the bathroom- so i let her and she did a great job :) 
I don't think it is every to early to let them help with chores. 
We ran some errands after that, i needed to get some things for Sunday lunch because my sister and her hubby is doing the music at our church tomorrow so they are coming here for lunch and to hang out after service. 
Talked to my aunt for a little bit, they were going to come visit but i didn't return the call early enough:( 
Watched "Georgia Rule" it was a cute movie, i love having Netflix :) 


Sunday school, we had all girls today, my sister and her husband did music for us at church today, it was nice, then they came here for lunch and we went swimming, chatted etc. 
we all took naps they only got in from Kentucky at 3 am, so they were pooped( means tired ) 
Sister and I went into town before church, i needed to pick up a birthday cake for after service. 
After PM service, everyone came over for a fire, swimming and funnnn <3 We have a great church family, it was a lot of fun. I couldn't find my phone so there was no pictures taken:(


  1. It's nice that you still had a good weekend even though it started out rough. It definitely is never young enough for kids to start helping out around the house, especially if they are willing! That's nice that Brooke wants to do things for you :)

  2. glad you had some good things in there too - that cake looks amazing and I love netflix too!


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