Weekend Recap =)

Friday: First Official Day of vacation
We spent the day unpacking, big Thanks to Lisa for coming to help me so much, after my treatment we went to buy groceries, I didn't buy anything before we moved so we needed a lot, we filled two grocery carts full and it was less then $200.. so cheap here, then we had to go to Dollar Tree to pick up a couple of things we forgot to get earlier in the week and Brooke wanted to get a toy for her friend. 
Hubby dropped me off at Wal mart so i could get some Kitchen stuff that i forgot... 
Lisa came over once we were home and we sure got the house straightened, she don't get tired, i was exhausted mainly because of the treatment, I am so thankful for what she did. 
She stayed the night, i went to bed very early and she watched Brooke for me, she is so good to me. I gave her money in a card to show her how much i appreciate her help. 

 House tour will be Tuesday( at least whats ready to show 

Saturday: I was up at 9 am making cheesy pasta bake because we had a church picnic today, i got some pictures but not a big lot:
These ladies are my role models at 79 and 97, i look up to them and i listen to all advice they give me. I want my house to be as neat and tidy as theirs, my food to taste that good, my health to be that good. 

 This is our Pastors daughter, she is a Jem and we all love her, she was anting to get in the cooler to get water. 

 Cynara (Our Pastors wife- in long skirt) 
Lisa ( our 2nd student we have working here this summer 

 These ladies are my sweet neighbours, we love them. They also go to our church, also amazing cooks ( best neighbours to have, :p ) 

Here she is again, sweet Bentlea

This guy is a farmer, he goes to our church, what a funny man, he makes every one laugh, we all love him ( he is a neighbour as well) 

 Cynara and Bentlea 

We left after the picnic and came to my Aunt's house in Moncton,  its just over 2 hours away, but it feels nice to just come here and hang out, my cousin is like my best friend so its always nice to be with her, the kids play so well, my cousins son Noah will cry when we leave, he loves Brooke so much 

She made us dinner, then we went for a drive to see some gorgeous houses
I fell in love with this one, it is selling for 1.9 million dollars
I would also hire maids and yard workers, ha ha, i wish i could find a virtual tour online so i can view the inside. 
We also got some snacks at the dollar store for the boys and Brooke
Came home, got Brooke showered and just relaxed with my cousin. 


Went to church with my aunt and uncle, Andrew drove to another town to attend a church of a friend, it was nice to go to church with them, her pastor called me 2 years ago when i was in hospital with my lung surgery, he wasn't there this morning... came home and had a yummy lunch and coconut cream pie(My favourite), took my normal sunday nap and then got ready to visit with family again, went to a little take out for food, it has been nice and relaxing
My Cousin's two kids are so adorable

her husband works away, he has been having a rough time with his kidneys right now they are swollen and he is in a lot of pain, please pray for him.

We go back home tomorrow :) 


  1. It sounds like you live in such a nice community. And cheap groceries?? Ah, I haven't heard that, ever. ;) :)

    Sorry to hear about your cousin-in-law's kidney problems. :( Always happy to send out a prayer.

  2. Looks like you had a nice weekend of moving to your new house. And good neighbors, that always helps out. Prayers for your cousin in law, too.

  3. It seems like you have great support around you Terri. My best - M

  4. Cute pictures and what a lovely family :)

    Vintage Inspired Girls

  5. Picnics make the best weekends!

  6. Busy, busy weekend. I always enjoy listening to seniors and every single tip they offer. 79 and 97 wowzers, they've obviously done something right.

  7. A busy weekend indeed, but aren't picnics the best? Love the pic of the little guy in the cupboard - little ones always seem to like the cupboards!

  8. Sounds like another full, happy weekend!


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