Wednesdays are for Women

Welcome to another Wednesdays are for Women
( to uplift and encourage) 
I am part of a word of the day group, meaning each day my Pastors wife in Newfoundland sends out an email to uplift and encourage, i love her writings and wanted to share this one with you. 

John 8:11...And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.
Jesus doesn't condemn you but he does expect you to stop sinning. He will make you aware of sin, not to hurt you but so you can stop. If you are hurt or offended that is your pride being bruised and you need to rub the salve of humility on it. 
Pride will make you defend your sin or blame others for it. Humility will enable you to see your sin and stop doing it.


  1. Another wonderful passage, Terri. Love reading your Wednesdays for Women :)

  2. Conviction feels different than condemnation too. One is positive and you know it's right, the other makes you feel guilty and full of shame. I much prefer to deal w/the former rather than the latter. :) Happy Wednesday to ya!

    1. I agree, id rather deal with the former, thanks for reading


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