Weekend Recap

It was a great sales day at work for me, i got 6 sales( as Billing rep, we only need 2 per day, so i went way over today, but its extra money for bonus time) left work at 2 for treatment ( 18 more), Andrew picked me up at 4 to run around like crazy to do a bunch of errands, first stop Walmart for some groceries, mainly snacks for day care and cereal etc, spent $40 on 5 bags of groceries so it was a good shopping day there, then we went to get things i needed for the pool party on Saturday, our colors are black and bright pink- same as Brooke's room, i cannot believe its her 10th birthday party now.....
I had this idea for loot bags 
( it has a thank you for coming note) but because Summer is almost over there was no pool noodles in the city, so instead i decided to do a candy buffet and i have some lip gloss and bracelets to add to the loot bags. 
Brooke had her friend Elizabeth stay over all night, those two play so well together
it is so nice to see them playing and hanging out, they have had Brooke over every week for a few now, they might become BFF =) 
Watched a movie and went to bed a little to late but i stayed up later because of the nap I had earlier. 

 Not a lot of sleeping in today
Woke up with a headache, so i did take a nap before the party happened..
Jen who helped me out and who i appreciate so much arrive at 2 pm,
Brooke had a face time chat with our friend back in Newfoundland, this is the first party she missed so she wanted Brooke to open her present before the kids arrived

there were tears shed on both sides :( She loves Brooke a lot and the feeling is mutual

Here are some pictures from the party 
The table with some pretty pink flowers 

Some of the decor, those puffs are so easy to make 

My girl and I 

Brooke only wanted a ice cream cake this year so that's what she got, guess she is getting to old for fancy theme cakes 

 We did a candy buffet which was a big Hit, the kids loved it, they made candy bags to take home and i added lip gloss and a snap bracelet to each one:)


Group shot 

her friends Elizabeth and Lexie from school 

after swimming, group shot

more present opening 

barbie from Oz the great and powerful, she is very excited as you can tell

we ended of the evening with 2 friends having a fire and a  sleep over, there is an extra one in this picture because it is the neighbours daughter. 
All in all she had a great day and it was pretty stress free


My niece who had her surgery on Wednesday, the one i wrote about here, she had her second surgery and she was released today, i didn't like to see her so sleepy from the medication, glad she is doing better. 

Sunday school as usual
We had a gardener come over after morning service because i want to plant some veggies and i need to prep my garden, so he came over to tell me what was weeds etc, come to find out i have beautiful Lillie's everywhere, I love Lillie's and i am so excited to see them bloom
Hubby made a stuffed salmon ( stuffed with shrimp, scallops, etc) It was so delicious. The guy who was looking into the gardening ate with us, i tidied away and then i took a nap, it was only an hour long, i am hoping i can sleep tonight :p
After PM service we went to Wendy's with people from church, it was fun <3

Monday is coming again, ugh- hope it isnt a crazy busy week at work.. i have a lot of yard work to do :


  1. I would love to have a gardner come here and identify some of the plants we have growing from the people who lived here before us!

    Glad to hear your niece is doing better.

    And a birthday party woo hoo!! Birthdays rock, especially when you're 10. :)

    Thanks for linking up to Super Sunday Sync, Terri!!

    1. It was nice and very affordable :)
      Have a great week

  2. Sounds like you had a very busy weekend. I absolutely love the birthday party pics and posts. A candy buffet is an excellent idea and is affordable! I hope you have a great week!

    1. It was very cheap thanks to the dollar store, much cheaper then filling 12 loot bags :)

  3. What a busy weekend - loved the birthday party pictures - especially the flowers and candy buffet! Wishing you a wonderful week.

  4. Looks like fun! We are having my daughter's birthday party this weekend. :)

  5. Since I am into grand daughters these days...I enjoyed readingthis.

  6. What a cool party! So glad your niece is doing better, too!

  7. That party looks like a lot of fun :) she sure does look excited by the barbie! I'm happy to hear your niece is doing well :)

  8. You are so creative! I'd love to have a birthday party like that when I was younger ^_^

  9. It's nice to have a recap like this. Putting all our activities from day-to-day and see the outcome. Hmmmm....nice post.

  10. Your daughter's party looked like she had a blast! And, the stuffed salmon sound really yummy! Glad to hear your niece's surgery went well too! Busy week for sure!

  11. sounds like a very busy yet fun weekend! the party looked like so much fun :)

  12. Great party ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a fun birthday party! I wish I could host something like that. I love the bows you did on that cake :)

  14. Looks like a busy weekend and a super fun birthday party! Swimming parties were always my favorite!


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