Weekend Recap

The day of Love all over the world.
I hate the fact that one day a year is set aside for LOVE, there should be one every month, I show my love every single day, the little things make the biggest difference- packing his lunch, ironing his clothes, him unloading or loading the dishwasher, helping with laundry, sweeping the floor etc. { so did not mean to Ramble there}
We got a big snow storm Thursday night, so it was a late one arriving to work and not a lot of people made it.
It was a fun day thought, the social committee had "Love Song Karaoke" and they had pizza and candy-grams for Love day
We had a Sweetheart Banquet planned at our church but because we were in a storm it got cancelled, so I made a Valentines dinner at home for us, Lasagna, Caesar Salad and garlic bread :
it was a nice relaxing family night.

We were scheduled for our first Bible quizzing tournament but we were still in a major storm so it got rescheduled and right now I have no idea when it will be.
When I woke up, my back was in knots, I could barely walk, Im beginning to think it must be my bed, not entirely sure though, it was horrible to move
We had to go in town to get some groceries, and I needed to buy some shoes.. I got groceries and i couldn't handle looking for shoes, I was in so much pain.
Got home and I could not move enough to get groceries put away, so I laid in bed and read and I did take a nap, felt pretty good when I woke up...
Hubby made us dinner, we tried ground pork bbq nachos, so yummy.
My hubby also cleaned the bathroom, Brooke helped keep the house clean, I couldn't do much at all.
Service has been cancelled in the morning because we are in for another storm, I am so over winter, I want it to be Spring and Summer now.

Relaxed mostly all day, hubby made us ribs for lunch- so delicious.
My back was acting out again so I took it easy, need to be ready for work tomorrow
Some pictures of the storm

It has been a lazy kinda day and Im loving it.

Have a great week my friend <3


  1. Wow! The snow pictures are crazy to see - we hit 88 degrees here today. It's unseasonably warm right now in Arizona!

  2. What a nice relaxing weekend! Those are the best! That dinner looks delicious.

  3. I can not get over that snow!! We get sleet and we don't know how to drive! lol Glad you are safe!

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend. We went camping.

  5. Your meal looks delicious! Wish we had snow down here in Florida!


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