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Then I called my neighbour and asked if I could take her dogs for a walk, as I don't feel safe with the amount of deer that are roaming around. To be honest, I love deer but they do make me nervous. I have been reading about them on Feed That Game in the hope of finding a way to keep them away from the house. My neighbours had just gone into town for an appointment so I did go alone, it was the middle of the day and I kept singing- that scared them away I guess... (at least my husband and daughter think so, if I sing in the car they turn the music up higher, haha).

Hubby worked til 8:30 then him and I made chilli for a neighbour who is moving 

I then did some sewing, making all kinds of clothes for my niece. 

Spent the day painting for a friend who just bought a new house, the same one we made chilli for- we had a nice day, she is newly single and got her and the girls a mini home, it is so cute
here are some before/after pictures 
thats all the pictures I got today, oh and this one :
her appliances have not arrived yet, so we used the cold snow to keep our drinks cold, and to keep our coffee cream cold- you know your in Canada when.. 
My hands and legs are angry with me tonight from all the painting, scrubbing etc, it was a crazy day. 

I hardly saw my hubby today, he worked some OT, then he went for coffee with a friends, he helped our Pastor with some things, then he came home, had dinner and had to go back to help Pastor, next weekend we have a date apparently :p I love dating that man 

The long awaited surprise for Brooke came to be:

This girl moved back to NB and she is staying with us until 
she gets a job and her own place, we are beyond excited.
She is an incredible lady who will also clean my house :p
no for real we are just happy to have her with us. 

The other great thing about this Sunday was:


Went to PM service and got a picture taken with a pretty girl 
We matched and she is beautiful <3

We had an incredible service, I love it when it goes above what we planned or thought it would be. 

Have a great week 


  1. Great post and look at that pile of snow! At least you put it to good use, right?!

  2. go Canada! I love watching the olympics!

  3. HAHAHHAA! I've used the snow for the same thing. Last winter, we had a horrible storm which knocked out our power for a time. I pulled everything out of the freezer and put it in the snow. Neighbors thought I was nuts, but we didn't lose any food.

  4. Snow is just another freezer at your disposal. :)

  5. LOL, love the pictures! So glad you were able to put that snow to good use..lol

  6. I guess all that snow can be useful. :) Love it!

  7. Did you match dresses on purpose? That's awesome. :)
    Are the deer aggressive where you are? If so, that would freak me out. We had one in our driveway who blocked me from pulling in one night... he was waiting for his deer friend to come out of our side yard. When the deer came, they bolted across the road together, and I got to park. ;)


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