Confessional Friday

Today I am Confessing:

1) I confess I got emotional last night while wrapping a present i got for my supervisor, it is going to be a very difficult day tomorrow as it is my last one. 

2) I am loving having Jaredene back living with us, she is such a sweet girl and I am happy she is here

3) I am looking forward to going skating tonight, our church are all going skating, I am looking forward to it, I cant remember the last time I was on skates, I think it was when Brooke was like 18 months old, so who knows what will happen to me tonight. hahaha

4) I need a date with my husband, he has been working a lot of overtime and I miss him, next week is March break and Brooke is going to be gone for a couple nights out of town with a friend, so maybe during that time we can have a date. 

What are you Confessing today 


  1. I could go for a date night too! My husband works way too much lately. I'm definitely looking forward to him cashing in some vacation time!

  2. I hear ya, same here, he has been working alot of Overtime, we have a fun family vacation planned for this coming May so he is wanting some extra money

  3. Moving on from anything is hard...cherish those memories you have of your job and co-workers. Perhaps you can visit with them or go out for drinks or dinner. The relationships that you have cultivated do not have to end because you are leaving your job. Know that this is a step in the right direction, you are moving forward...remember that. xo

  4. We love going on date nights. I hear you though with working a lot! Need time alone though for sure!

  5. Aww, hope you had a great last day at work! Skating and date nights are always good remedies for being sad :)

    Diary of a Debutante

  6. We have a birthday party all afternoon and I confess that I'm cringing about it. It's so cold, I'd much rather be cuddled up with a book all day!

  7. Last days are hard especially when you like where you work and your co-workers. Best wishes to you.

  8. Time to reconnect with your husband is so important - I hope you're able to carve out a date night soon. Leaving co-workers is often hard; I remember the day that I left my employer like it was yesterday. I'd worked there for more than 10 years - leaving was bittersweet. Today starts a new chapter for you; embrace it!


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