Weekend Recap

Worked from 9 am - 5 pm, it was my last day and what a sad day it was for me, I got some lovely presents: 
This is from my supervisor- 
~ a lovely coffee cup,{ funny story: she loves Duck Dynasty so I got her this:
this is not the identical one, I didn't take a picture of the actual one, but it also talks to ya, she loved it, also gave her some smelly body wash because she loves it.
~ #20 Tim Hortons Gift card :) 

I had lunch with some co workers, had coffee breaks with tea/muffins, also got lots of hugs and it was a very emotional day, when i passed in my head set and key card, my supervisor could not take it from me, I went to get another supervisor, she was having a rough time with me leaving, then i knew the tears were going to come, so i had to go, I cried while cleaning out my locker and desk, it just felt like I was leaving them and never seeing them again, but I will... they are incredible, there was one person who I did not get along with and that was a male so that don't matter, HAHA

We went skating from 7 pm- 8:15 pm, it has been 7 years since I was on skates and hubby had none so I went with Brooke, I am paying for it tonight, my legs are really hurting, but i didn't fall ( Surprise)
This is not half of the people there, it was very busy 

My Girl :) 

Our church piano player and I, she is so much fun, always makes me laugh,love her. 

We went and had pizza after, then came home and did nothing for a bit, wanted hubby to go on a date but I really had no energy , so we didn't. 


I went to help a friend paint some more, she moves in on Tuesday, I am so happy for her, she is a single mom whos hubby left her and now she is back in her own place, she has been thru a lot but she is such an inspiration to me
Then we had to go buy groceries, my husband cannot be in Costco with a cart- it is bad bad bad ;) 
we spent alot of money on food... grrr.. i hate spending money on food, feels like such a waste, haha
Came home and I felt sick again, I was feeling like I was going to pass out while shopping, had to stop several times to let it pass, then when I got home I felt cold, then warm, exhausted completely... was feeling really miserable but now i'm ok again, very tired but headed to bed shortly. 
When I got home Jaradene had the house cleaned with floors scrubbed and cookies made. 
What a lady <3

We did the normal sunday church, had our piano player over for lunch, she makes me laugh so much, then we made chilli and had friends over after PM service. 
God is so so awesome


  1. So it was the awesome weekend

  2. Your blog design looks lovely! Did you add more color? This sounds (and looks) like a lot of great fun was had! Wishing you a beautiful week. xx

  3. I am so impressed! I haven't been skating in probably a decade! Love your new pictures and blog design. Sorry to hear about your friend's relationship issues. :( She's lucky to have you as a friend!

  4. Sounds like a very productive weekend. I haven't been on ice skates in years, I'm sure I'd be like you and paying for it the next day with my creaky bones!

  5. Good for you for not falling while roller skating. I haven't done it in years.

  6. It was sweet of you to help your friend. :)

    The skating looks fun! I haven't been in a very long time, but should go again sometime.

  7. Hope you are feeling better and get some good rest! You are so good to help your friend.

  8. Sounds like a restful yet eventful weekend! Ice skating looks like so much fun. I haven't been for a few months.

  9. I've never been ice skating. It looks like so much fun...however, I am sure that I will take a tumble or two if I ever tried.


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