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Today I introduce to you my beautiful blogging friend Emily- it is a delight to have her here on my blog today 

Well hello there! We're Hudson and Emily...no one too special, really. Hudson doesn't bench 400 and I don't vacuum in heels. But we do like to have fun. You might recognize me (Emily) from my previous blog, Newlywed Moments. Well, just last week I moved on to launch a new blog with my hubby, called HudsonAndEmily.com. Come on over and introduce yourself!

Special thanks to Terri for letting me share on the blog today - I just love her posts, so it's an honor to be here. When she asked what I wanted to share about, I knew right away...dating and marriage. You see, Hudson and I are best friends. But over the years I've learned that life gets busy, and especially when you're married, it's not always easy to make time for each other like it should be. So we've compiled an entire list of dates for every season of the year: spring datessummer datesfall dates, and winter dates

Today I want to share about one of my favorite dates, because it's relatively inexpensive and easy to plan, but a lot of fun: coffee shop hopping! Basically, Hudson Googled "coffee shops," "cafes," and "bagel shops" in our area. He then plugged all the addresses into Google maps, printed out the list, and we headed on our way! Whether you're new to your town or you've lived there your entire life, I'm sure there are a few places you haven't tried yet. This date was not only fun to experience new places in our town, but also to go on an adventure...we had some great conversations and got to be silly, too :) If you try this, I definitely recommend ordering something different at each place! I'm a I'll-stick-with-what-I-like type person, but this was the perfect chance to try different drinks. Neither of us actually like coffee (crazy, I know!) so we went with a strawberry frappuccino, hot chocolate, cookies & cream smoothie, and raspberry iced tea! To keep the cost down, you can order just one drink at each place and share! There were seven shops on our list but three were closed on Saturday afternoons (who does that?!) so we ended up going to four places...and only spent $12! Talk about a great date for a cheap price!! What are some of YOUR favorite dates? 

Comment below, or come tell us at HudsonAndEmily.com!
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  1. This is a fun idea! We really love to have coffee shop dates.

  2. Having four kids our best dates lately are breakfast. we send the kids off to school and go out for breakfast just the two of us. It is a nice way tot start the day

  3. No date nights here.. its difficult with kids let alone 2 teens

  4. I think that dating in marriage is incredibly important! Great topic to highlight!

  5. Thanks, everyone! And Terri, thank you so much again for having me!!


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