Truthful Thursday- Your Dream job

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5) What would your dream job be
If I could have any job in the world and if money wasn't an issue, I would just be a home maker, a wife and a mommy, I would volunteer at her school...

but because money is important if I want to buy shoes

I would love to be a office manager or a HR manager in a busy office where I would love my job and enjoy the people I work with, I have worked at many offices thru a temp agency and it was my favourite, I am so blessed with my new job ( been in it almost a month now) and I really really love it, I could stay here and be happy as well. 

What would your dream job be?


  1. I'm doing my dream job right now! I am a blogger/freelance writer and get to be home with my children.

  2. my dream job would be to be so wealthy that I could give resources to worthy causes everyday!

  3. My dream job would be to craft full time and sell my creations.

    Michelle F.

  4. I worked out of the home for many, many years. Working from home making a living from blogging is my dream job. I'm not making a ton but the freedoms and rewards can't be beat.

  5. I think I'm working my dream job right now. I make a great living being a full-time blogger and I'm still able to be with my kids when needed.

  6. I love my job! I wouldn't want it any other way: homeschool mom, blogger and homemaker - well the homemaker I wish I could pay someone to do!

  7. I am doing my dream job right now as a blogger. I can still be there for my kids and make some money. When a child is sick like today, i dont have to call in sick or find a sitter

  8. I would love to be a full time blogger. Blogging is truly my favourite thing to do and if I could find a way to turn it into a full time job, I'd do it!

  9. Oh, I already know what my dream job would be...having my own show on the Food Network (lol!) or continuing the business I started when I went on mat leave...preparing homemade baby/toddler food for moms. Ironically, I discovered this passion because of my kids BUT it doesn't pay nowhere near as well as my teacher's salary so unfortunately it's not something I can pursue full time ;-(


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