Surgery Update

I arrived at the hospital just before 8am, went thru the pre admission, got my blood work, urine etc all done...

Then a Code Yellow came in and it put everything on hold for 2 hours, so I sat and read for 2 hours, then they called me into admission to do weight blood pressure etc... then told me to change into the surgery garb and to put on my fancy blue slippers

Then it all came crashing down...

They were about to wheel me to the OR
The anesthesiologist came in and asked if I had a head cold...
Off course I had to say 

he then said well we cant put you under with a head cold because it isnt safe at all, it could result in an infection and could be quite serious..
I was so heart broken... I have waited for 2 years
My doctor came in and apologized over and over, she knows what it is like for me.. 

I asked how long do I have to wait?
This made it worst I think, i was so discouraged, so heart broken, I am tired of living in pain all the time but it is better to be healthy going in there then who knows what could have happened. 

So in 6 weeks we will try again, i hope it is done and over before Vacation on May 18..


  1. I'm so sorry you have to wait. That must be very hard. Hopefully, it passes quickly.

  2. Hoping those 6 weeks go by really fast.

    Michelle F.

  3. Better to be safe---here's hoping the 6 weeks fly by!

  4. Oh, what a let down! Why didn't they let you know that before you went in?! Well, prayers to everything being clean and healthy for 6 weeks down the road. You know you love those blue slippers! Good luck!

  5. 6 weeks? So sorry you had to go through the whole ordeal and do it again in 6 weeks!!

  6. You poor thing. Going in to have surgery can really be overwhelming and getting to that point and them saying you have to wait longer. I am truly sorry and I hope these six weeks go by quickly for you. Hope everything is okay!

  7. I am so sorry that you have to wait. I hope that it will go by fast for you though.

  8. What a bummers. Those 6 weeks will be hard for you,keep busy and hope they will go fast


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