Weekend Recap

 I am battling a head cold so I slept in awhile, had no energy to do anything but forced myself to clean the floors, then some laundry, did some blogging, then I got a big burst of energy and cleaned my office, both bathrooms and went shopping in my house( have you ever done, its fun and cheap ;) ) for some decor for down stairs bathroom, I found some things not happy with it but didn't want to go buy anything right now. I rearranged my office, here it is now, I like it more

Then i was browsing on e-bay and made my first ever e-bay purchase and now I'm addicted. Yes i have never bought before.. but now it could be bad, I also did some shopping on Instagram, that's my weakness now is IG shopping.. they have incredible things on there. 
Hubby and I went for a date to Blue Canoe- it has amazing food and it is close to home in case I needed to get back quick,  I was really under the weather.. this is what I had:
Turkey dinner poutine, Oh my land, I was in heaven, it was so amazing, I never even ate half of it, it was so delicious. 

I was in best 90% of the day because the flu had hit me and I felt horrible... 
I did watch some hockey with my hubby, but didn't go outside for the day
I did work on some hospitality stuff for church 
Watched some hockey, Bruins won:) 

Missed Sunday morning because I felt horrible, got up to eat some lunch then went back to bed..
Went to the PM service, we had a baptism, it was nice:) 

How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like your weekend had both good and bad in it. Hope you feel better soon! I have never heard of shopping on Instagram! Unless you are talking about how they have special deals if you follow stores and brands? I have seen that! Now THAT does sounds addicting.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! It goes by too fast.

  3. I'm sorry you got struck w/the flu. :( Your office does look nice!
    I used to like to shop on eBay when my daughter was young, to buy the homemade dressess (man, you could get some g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s ones!). :)

  4. Sorry you came down with the flu, but it looks like you braved through it. You did a great job on your office.

  5. What a cute idea to recap your weekend like this. Hope you are feeling better. The office looks great. I need to get organized.

  6. I am so sorry that you got sick! I hope you feel better soon! You seem to have had a really productive weekend before illness struck!

  7. I LOVE shopping on ebay, I can usually find fun things which aren't as easy to find in stores. I hope you're better soon

  8. Sounds like you were productive even if you didn't feel well. I shop through my house to and pull things that I think would look better in a spot I'm 're-fashioning'. Have a great week.

  9. Hope you feel better. I love the set up of your office

  10. Welcome to the world of internet shopping! Hope you are feeling well!


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