Truthful Thursdays- Whats your favourite TV show

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4) What is your Favourite TV show:
Hands down Republic Of Doyle,

 the season just ended, and I cannot wait until it is back on, it is on from Sept- Feb, it is a show that is made in Newfoundland, where I am from... which makes it so much better, I get to see my old city each week. 
 I do enjoy the TLC channel as well
all except for Honey Boo boo, that show is just disgusting and so weird.. i guess though you will do anything to get on TV 

 Ellen is one of my fav ladies in the world as well,

 when hockey is on and the Bruins are playing- my eyes are glued to the TV 

What about you, what do you like to watch?


  1. I cannot understand the fascination of honey boo boo at all, actually I find it quite offensive, but go figure it does seem popular. I am a Sens fan ( and yes tha is hard to say at the moment) but my step dad is a bruins guy, always fun when they play each other. Hands down I am a Walking Dead Fan. ( Rof Doyle is great though)

  2. To be honest I don't watch that much TV but I do love Ellen!

  3. My favorites are: Survivor, The Middle, Gator Boys and Food competition shows

  4. I used to love TLC but I think they need to change it from The Learning Channel to Trashy Living Channel. LOL Now at days it seems I watch a lot of Disney Jr. more then anything else.

  5. I'm in a Netflix tunnel right now. Currently in the middle of a Burn Notice season marathon watching session.

  6. Right now I love Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. My favourite TV shows change all of the time, depends on what's new and good. :)


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