Confessional Friday

May you all be blessed on this Good Friday
I am linking up with Leslie
Today I am confessing...
1) I am excited to get out of town for a few days to just relax and do a little of nothing, we are going to my Aunt's house about 2 hours away, i am happy to hang out with my cousin and her adorable baby boys.
2) I am thrilled to have (today)Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off- us govt employees gets an extra long weekend :)
3) I have yet to buy Brooke some things for her Easter basket... sometimes I fail as a mother
4) It feels like this week was dragged on and on... but alas here it is, the weekend.

5) So thankful for my sister in law in Newfoundland, I ordered a bunch of clothes online and it got delivered to an old address I had 5 years ago, Why, no one knows.. she went and got it and re-sent it to me 

6) I love my house- last night we had 12 Robin in the front years and 11 deer in the back yard, I love it so much 


  1. I am loving the extra extra long weekend too - especially since daycare is open on Monday - abd you bet the boys are going!

  2. Sounds like some awesome blessings! Congrats on the days off you have and have a great Easter at your Aunts house!

  3. I am excited about the long weekend too. I am excited to see some family and relax this weekend.

  4. Deer in your backyard? Now that's cool! Enjoy your long weekend!

  5. Enjoy your break and wishing you and your family a beautiful Easter!

  6. Love seeing nature right from your door/window.

  7. Hehehehe, the shipping mistake sounds like something I would do :) We have deer in our yard often too and it is my favorite thing about my house!


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