Weekend Recap

Last day of work, glad the weekend is ever! 
I had a lunch date with a beautiful friend, we had chinese food, it was nice to see her, she is one of my old co workers. 
I got a call from my brother around 4 pm advising me to call home immediately, well I called and he had to give me the news that my mom was in a car accident in which she totalled the car, she had some bumps and bruises but she is a lucky person to still be with us, she had angels with her that day.
I left at 5:45 for Ladies Conference.
It was a beautiful first night- the speaker was a lady from Texas- she spoke on as women we need to let things go more, it is so true, why is it that women keep things bottled up inside
I love being a part of the Atlantic District Ladies Ministries

Some of the people, it was a sold out event, and it can seat 600- it don't look like a lot here, but there was people all around me 

I love the decor- there were shoes on all those white tables on the stage- they were gorgeous shoes #imayhaveownedsome

blurry but the tables had big fluffy flowers
After service, myself, Altenna and Katie who were staying together went to eat Chinese food, we had such a great time laughing, it was incredible.

Day 2 of the conference
Early rise for Breakfast- we were at the restaurant at 7:30, i truly enjoy a delicious pancake breakfast- it was pancakes with fresh fruit, so good. 
Here are some photos from the conference Day 2
some of the ladies from our church who went
Joyce, Donna,Me and Altenna

Love this lady so much
Katie ( Altenna's daughter)

Mom and Daughter

Cynara ( Pastor's wife), Me and Altenna

We grew up together and here we all are living in the same province, it was so nice to see them both
Anna Marie- Me and Denise ( her and I were pen pals when she moved away for college and she was the best penal- she wrote letters that were 8-10 pages long, I loved reading her letters. 

After I got home from that,  I had to go get groceries, and i came home and crashed, i was exhausted. 
but it was a beautiful weekend filled with 
Great teaching
Great Singing
fun, and laughter 

My phone rng at 7:45 am- I knew something was up.. 
it was  my mom, My grandpa is back in the hospital with another heart attack.. pray for him please 
We had a friend over for lunch, i took a nap then we went to East Side Mario's, we had wings and nachos, it was some good. 

Have a good weekend 


  1. I will keep your grandpa in my prayers. xo

  2. So sorry to hear about your grandpa and so glad your mom is okay. Also that you got to take away valuable experiences from your event.

  3. Sorry to hear about your grandpa...I will pray for him ;-)

  4. OH sorry about grandpa! These moments are always tough, Stay strong will keep him in our prayers.

  5. I am Sorry to hear about your grandfather! Sending prayers and positive thoughts.

  6. sounds like a wonderful time of fellowship[!

  7. You had an eventful few days. Glad your mom was ok and i hope your grandpa is getting better


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