Truthful Thursday- My top blogs that I follow

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9) The top blogs that I check daily are: 

Wifessionals                 In This Wonderful Life                 Kelly's Korner

A Blonde Ambition      After Eleven                                 

Wifessionals- always always post the perfect post at the right time, its like she knows what I need to hear and read, she has the sweetest baby girl and they are all around beautiful family. I pray for them daily 

In This Wonderful Life- I have been following her life since she found out her first baby was going to be born with a heart defect, I fell in love with this family, now she has boy/girl twins that are the cutest in the entire world. 

Kelly's Korner- I started following her on the birth of her first baby, 5 years ago, I prayed for baby Harper every day, now she is healthy and one of the sweetest lil ladies, her sister Hollis has the most adorable smile. Kelly- is an inspiration for me. 

A Blonde Ambition- I do not remember how I "met" Leslie, but she is def a person I love so much, she is a mommy and a wife, and also the best fashion blogger I ever knew. 

After Eleven- Remember saying" When I grow up I want to be like.." Well I want to be like Whitney, she is a momma, and a wife, she always seems like she has it together, her love for Jesus shines bright thru her blog, and any emails we have sent, makes me love her more and more

SO stop right now and go visit these lovelies <3 


  1. I follow a couple but not all. Definitely checking them out!

  2. I havent read any of these blogs so I'll have to check them out. I could use some help from a Fashion Blogger!

  3. i have not heard of any of these, sounds like a nice selection!

  4. That's so awesome that you include some of your favorite blogs in your regular prayers. I think you're just a sweetheart!

  5. A few of these I don't know, so off to check them out!

  6. Thanks for sharing! I love finding fabulous new blogs to check out! (: Have a lovely day!!

  7. These all look like great blogs! I'm excited to check them out. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the blogging Love

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