Review of The Gift Of Love

Amy Clipston's open and honest recounting of her journey through so many intense tragedies and heavy demands stripped my heart bear right down to it's core with compassion, sympathy, and, in so many cases, empathy. 

Amy and her husband, Joe met when Amy was reeling from her father's stoke. Their married life began dealing with the health problems in Amy's family. But soon something totally unexpected happened. Joe had kidney disease and needed a new kidney. Their life would soon become a roller coaster of dialysis, medical bills, and poor health. But despite all of the stress and heartache, their marriage survived and came out on the other end stronger. Amy also became an author during this time. It provided an escape from the routine and provided some of the extra income they would need.

Amy Clipston shares her family’s journey through the kidney transplant. She opens her heart to readers sharing the ups and downs of the experience. Readers walk away understanding the importance of organ and blood donation. 

I highly recommend this heartwarming book to everyone. 

I received this book for my honest review, all thoughts are my own.

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